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The Tasmanian Tiger was an apex predator, a predator at the top of the food chain. When it comes to the top in supplying professional military, tactical, and police equipment since its founding in 1999, there is nothing quite like Tasmanian Tiger ®

In partnership with TD, this global supplier presents its finest products yet. You'll find everything from lightweight panel carriers to EDC equipment, add-ons, and rugged tactical packs that will survive any terrain. TT, the combat brother of TATONKA, aims to offer the highest flexibility and singularity in their tactical combat equipment, meaning Tasmanian Tiger's equipment complements and completes one another.

Tasmanian's designs are compact and low profile, offering easy-to-use or store flexibility in gear configuration. Some of the benefits of Tasmanian Tiger's laser-cut products:

• Easier, more precise fabrication featuring higher quality in system parts
• Weight reduction in the range of 20-40%
• Greater ability to run or hide comm wires for snag-free movement
• Ultra-compact, ultra-low profile

TT's popular Modular 30 backpack also features designs to be modular and universal for tactical and military operations with lid pocket and laser-cut MOLLE on sides and front. Insides come with hook-and-loop sections for individual customization, and the hip fins are detachable.

Whichever of TT's stellar items catch your interest, shop with the confidence that all products have been manufactured in their own production facilities, ensuring the quality goes above and beyond, with no sub-contractors and no excuses. In addition, Tasmanian Tiger partners with independent test centers to certify international quality, durability, and excellence standards.

At TD, it's been our number one priority to provide only the very best of the best, so it just makes sense that we bring you products from such a well-trusted brand as Tasmanian Tiger. At Tactical Distributors, we work tirelessly to improve our inventory with the gear, equipment, and products that you can rely on, whether it's mission-critical or every day. Questions or comments about this or any of our collaborations and collections? Please feel free to reach out to our expert customer service team, we'd love to help!