Larry David hosted SNL earlier this year, probably the best episode of the season so far.  This gem was among many of the hilarious sketches, set in Quantico, VA at a FBI Simulator Training Facility.  We ate it up here at the TD headquarters...anything mixing humor & the tactical world, we are game for.  Our in house designer came up with this meme based on the classic vintage "bad guy" shooting target, he nailed it! 

vintage shooting target with man aiming his firearm
Can A Bitch Get A Donut? man talking into a satellite phone and aiming firearm
Now you, too, can start slinging these lines around the office!
Maybe the next time someone brings donuts into the office or what have you...
 "I'm coolest bitch in town!"
"I'm high on bath salts!"
"...head scratchers...wild cards..."
"...just got to second base...with a laaadyyy."
Jesse Curtis