• Meet the Human Puzzle, Kevin Roberts.

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    Larry David hosted SNL earlier this year, probably the best episode of the season so far.  This gem was among many of the hilarious sketches, set in Quantico, VA at a FBI Simulator Training Facility.  We ate it up here at the TD headquarters...anything mixing humor & the tactical world, we are game for.  Our in house designer came up with this meme based on the classic vintage "bad guy" shooting target, he nailed it! 

    Now you, too, can start slinging these lines around the office!
    Maybe the next time someone brings donuts into the office or what have you...
     "I'm coolest bitch in town!"
    "I'm high on bath salts!"
    "...head scratchers...wild cards..."
    "...just got to second base...with a laaadyyy."

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  • Outcome vs Performance Training and Goals

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    In this article I’m going to approach a topic that crossed the boundaries of all training or goal setting.  It’s a topic that I’ve struggled with as an instructor in the Army as most of the Army’s training is centered on outcome based training and you’ll see that I prefer the performance-oriented side of the house. 

    Pictured Above, Contributor Chad Ray.

    So what is “outcome based training”?  Simply put, it’s when you focus on the end goal.  For example, you may want to achieve expert by getting 38 out of 40 hits on the Army rifle marksmanship qualification.  Another example may be that you want to be able to do 50 pushups. 

     Now for “performance based training”.  In performance based training you can still have an end goal you want to achieve, but your focus is the process.  You work more on the small goals and the steps you need to take in order to get there.  When training for performance, you should forget about the end goal.  You’ll get there, but again your focus is on the process. 

     So what’s my issue with this?  Not always, but often people lean too much towards the end goal or outcome and don’t focus enough on the process/progress.  Another way of saying that would be, people don’t focus enough on the performance. 

    In my experience, when you get someone to focus on the process and not worry about the outcome, they perform better.  They’ll often achieve their goal quickly and with less stress.  Patrick McNamara of TMACS Inc and Combat Strength Training http://combatstrengthtraining.com/ often talks about performance versus outcome based training and he and I share the same opinion.  I’m bringing this up because I like the way he words this explanation, “when you consider the outcome, it sabotages your ability to perform”.  He also says, “the probability of achieving the outcome you desire will increase once you let go of the need to have it.”  Pat and I share the same brain in regards to this topic, I just wanted to give him credit for that wording.  It’s a great way of explaining the topic. 

    So how do I apply this for the “American Warrior”?  Let’s say you’re working on your handgun draw from concealment.  A common standard I find today is people wanting to be around or under one second from beep to shot.  If you’re focused on the outcome you may just draw and shoot continuously until you reach that goal or give up.  However, if you focus on your performance and work your fundamentals without staring at the timer and stressing over it, you may find you get there in a better and more efficient manner. 

    Next time you find yourself setting goals for things like your marksmanship training or fitness, consider going about it from a performance standpoint versus focusing on the outcome. 


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  • The Making of the Carlos Ray Tactical Pant

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    TD has been selling gear for around 10 years. During this time we have seen a void in the tactical pants category. Our answer was the Carlos Ray pant.  The Carlos Ray pants have been evolving for over 3 years. Each evolution we have taken user feedback & our personal T&E back into the design room. This helps us in making & adjusting features to enhance the users experience. We feel that the TD Apparel line offers the customer great gear at a reasonable price. 

    Where did the name come from? This is a common question that only a few people get. We wanted to add some humor to a serious pant. If you Google Carlos Ray you will find  a photo of 80's icon "Chuck Norris". 

    Development team: Frankie Collins and Todd Askins have been designing apparel for over 15 years. Every component of this pant has been carefully selected to give the user a comfortable pant that can be used on low viz operations or on the weekend journey... or your everyday roundhouse kick to the face! Hence the name Carlos Ray aka "Chuck Norris". 

    There are many stages of development and design. Featured in the photo are a few of the many pages of the Technical drawings we create for the manufacturing process. Each feature is made to our exact specification.

    Design: Every product that Tactical Distributors produces is designed and created from scratch. This process takes about 9 months from conception to delivery. We create what are called "Tech Packs" these technical drawings are basically exact measurements, placements and embellishments that make up the garment. 

    Samples: During this process the factory will submit many types of samples for us to review based upon our tech packs and specs. Changes or enhancements are made after reviewing each sample.

    The first is the Proto sample. This sample is a very rough draft that could be made of some random fabric and have labels or screen prints taped to it, but gives us a rough idea of how the pant will look.

    The second is called a Fit Sample. This version will have the correct fabric and trims and "SHOULD" also, have the correct fit. We measure all of the "specs" to make sure that the factory is on target with what we submitted. If there are aspects of the pant we would like to change we submit these request during this part of the process. For this pant we have 32 points of measurements to give the customer comfort and ease of movement. These points range from waist measurements, pocket size and placements, multiple points of measurements in the legs to get a smooth contour and correct articulation dart placement. Basically this spec sheet is the architectural map for the pant.   

    The third sample is called the Production sample. At this point of the process all of the major details of the pant are established and cannot be changed. There are cases when we have added a pocket or dropped an embellishment, but for the most part we are 90% there.

    Then the final sample we receive is the Bulk shipment sample. This sample is what we use for product shots and or promo shots for blogs and photo shoots. 

    Carlos Ray Pant features: 

    Fabric: Mid weight 2 way stretch, 97% Cotton 3% Spandex

    Pockets: 8 Pockets

    Fit: Made for meat eaters, Gusseted Crotch, Articulated Knees and generous leg room.

    Extra Features: Left hand leg mag pocket, 2 way stretch fabric, reinforced pocket edges, Articulated knees, 2" belt loops and Velcro jean patch.

    Photo: Reviewing the spec sheet to make sure every measurement of the pant is correct and meets the TD standard. 

    Photo: Technical Drawing for the front button shank. 

    Photo: Spring 2016 color selection. Back to front: Flat Dark Earth, Ranger Green, Dark Desert Tan and Dark Urban Grey. 


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  • RVCA VA Sport - A Balance of Opponents, Made for Athletes.

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    RVCA is a clothing company that is based in southern California.  Even if you don’t recognize RVCA by their name, you probably will recognize them by their company’s logo.  The letter ‘A’ in the RVCA is portrayed without a crossbar, while the V sometimes is shaped like a U.  Starting to ring a bell now? 

                Founded by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes, who are professional surfers, RVCA is very closely associated with the surfing and skateboard culture and communities.  The company regularly serves as a sponsor for surfing and skateboard teams across the country.  As a result of this, it should come as no surprise that RVCA clothing can be found in both skateboard and surfing shops from all across the world.  But as we can see here, they’re also found in many gear and apparel sites online as well. 

    With a primary focus on art, RVCA is also associate with the graffiti subculture in addition to skateboarding and surfing.  Many contemporary art galleries in California, especially in the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, are involved with RVCA.  It’s just one example of how RVCA can show their integrity by building high quality items and then give back to their community. 

     Here are some of the most recent RVCA products found in the New Arrivals section here on Tactical Distributors:

    RVCA Outpost Knit Shirt
      • The RVCA VA Sport Outpost will serve well as your new workout buddy in the gym. To be more specific, this is a short sleeve shirt, with a crew neck top and a closed cell mesh.  But the neatest feature about this shirt is how durable it is.  RVCA wisely constructed it out of material to make it fast drying and moisture wicking, meaning it can hold up well for many years in adverse conditions.  As a true athlete’s shirt, the Outpost Knit shirt is designed for maximum mobility and comfort thanks to the athletic flat lock seams. 
      RVCA Banding Hybrid Boardshorts
        • The RVCA Banding Hybrid board shorts features all of the usual nice looking designs that you would expect on RVCA surfing products. Constructed out of fifteen percent spandex and eighty five percent polyester, these shorts work well for both daily activities and for surfing.  Featuring a hook and loop with zipper a draw cord closure, triple stitching for extra durability, and side seam pockets, these shorts are  versatile enough for day to day life as well as being built strong enough to last a lifetime.  RVCA’s trademark embroidery is featured on the left side of the shorts. 
        RVCA Eastern 20-inch Board Shorts
          • The impressive design of these shorts will be enough for you to standout even in the crisp waves of the ocean. Constructed out of fifteen percent spandex and eighty five percent polyester, these shorts feature a flapped patch pocket located on the right side of the shorts, and also have a hook and loop closure.  The RVCA logo embroidery is located on the left side of the shots on a pocket. 
          RVCA Balance Box Trucker
            • Wait a minute, a clothing company that primarily does business selling items related to surfing and skateboarded manufacturers a trucker hat? You bet they do!  Not only should that show how RVCA is willing to step out of their comfort zone, the quality of the actual trucker hat is more than decent as well.  This is an ottoman foam trucker hat that has an embossed logo on the front and the VA woven label on the back.
              RVCA Startup T-Shirt
                • It takes a lot of work to get started up on a daily exercise or sport, and the RVCA Startup T-shirt will work just as hard as you can. Thanks to the one hundred percent polyester material that this shirt is constructed out of and the interlock jersey knits that wicks moisture, this shirt is a true non-nonsense athletes shirt that you will keep you both mobile and comfortable as you workout next time at the gym.
                RVCA Benefits Hybrid Shorts
                  • Whether you’re a guy on the go who wants style or a hardcore athlete who enjoys sports and working out at the gym, the RVCA Benefits Hybrid Shorts are built for maximum performance no matter what the activity. Made out of eighty five percent polyester and fifteen percent elastane material, these shorts feature slash pockets in the front and two welt pockets in the back, with VA embroidery in the front coin pocket. 
                  RVCA Patch T-Shirt
                    • For a combination of style and performance in a T-shirt, there is simply no better choice than the RVCA patch T-shirt. Made out of one hundred percent cotton with a front chest logo screen print, the Patch T-shirt will serve you well for many years to come. 

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                  • Columbia Arrivals and Product Review | Tactical Distributors

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                    The Columbia Sportswear Company is a company from the United States that is well known for producing and distributing sportswear apparel.  Founded all the way back in 1938, the company has become one of the most successful outdoor apparel companies of all time.  Headquartered in Oregon, they manufacture and distribute footwear, camping equipment, skiwear (which they are the largest American seller of), outwear accessories, and head gear.

                                A few of Columbia’s products have recently arrived in our new arrival section, so let’s take a look at what the company has to offer here:

                    Columbia Tech Trek Shirt 
                      • You’ll definitely get the most bang for your buck with this Tech Trek shirt from Columbia. At first glance, this shirt just seems like any ordinary shirt that you could purchase from any outdoor clothing vendor from any sporting good stores.  But the reality is that it is very lightweight and stretchy.  Why?  Because it has a very slim and active fit that maximizes mobility to the utmost extreme.  This shirt is also strong enough to keep you dry in wet conditions. 
                      • All in all, this shirt will serve you well regardless of whether you plan to hit the gym or just want to embark on a fun, outdoor activity.  This shirt is highly resistant to bacteria thinks to the Omni-Wick antimicrobial treatment.  With a total back length of twenty eight inches, this shirt is constructed out of one hundred percent polyester for enhanced durability as well. 
                      Columbia Voyager Convert Pants
                        • Spring, summer, fall, winter you name it. There is no type of weather for any season that the Columbia Voyager Convert Pants won’t be able to handle.  Constructed out an Omni-Shield fabric for fast drying, it takes a lot for these lightweight and durable pants to get wet.  The pant legs can also zip up quickly, allowing the pants to get dry even faster.  These pants work very well for backpacking, for heading out to the shooting range, or for any other outdoor activity. 
                        • Cool features of the Columbia Voyager Convert Pants include a partial elastic at the waist, a zip closed security pocket for you to carry your more valuable items while on the go, articulated knees, gusset details, and several cargo pockets as well.
                        Columbia Zero Rules Short Sleeve
                        • If you want a high quality, outdoor short sleeve shirt that will simultaneously keep you cool and keep you well protected from the hot rays of the sun, you’ve found it with the Columbia Zero Rules Short Sleeve shirt. This shirt is designed for maximum comfort due to its materials that are both soft and lightweight that will assist in removing sweat during hot conditions.  Made out of one hundred percent polyester and imported fabric, this slim fit short sleeve shirt comes equipped with an Omni-Wick and Omni-Shade UPF 30 sun protection. 
                        Columbia Zero Rules
                          • When conditions will demand a longer sleeve shirt in contrast to the Zero Rules Short Sleeve shirt, the Columbia Zero Rules long sleeve shirt is for you. This long sleeve shirt is made out of technology in a slim active fit that aid in comfort while also maximizing mobility.  This shirt is designed to remove sweat in order to keep you dry in hot conditions.  What’s even better, is that this is one of the few outdoor shirts out there that is well protected against bacterial growth due to the proven antimicrobial treatment.   When a durable and long lasting outdoor long sleeve shirt is required, there is no better choice than the Columbia Zero Rules Shirt
                          Columbia Zero Rules Polo
                            • Wait, there are polo shirts designed specifically for the outdoors? You bet there are!  Columbia offers a high quality one called the Zero Rules Polo.  You’ll find much comfort in this soft and stretchy lightweight shirt that will keep you dry and extremely well protected from the sun.  As with other shirts from Columbia, the Zero Rules Polo shirt will keep you looking cool while also equipped with antimicrobial technology and one hundred percent polyester fabric. 
                            Columbia In The Dust Running Short
                              • If you’ve been looking for shorts that are comfortable to work out in, the Columbia ‘in the Dust Running Shorts’ are your immediate solution. These are high quality, active running shorts made for mobility, but they are also constructed out of durable wicking fabric and UPF protection to keep you well protected.  The in the Dust Running Shorts come with a number of features that set them apart from other running shorts on the market: they feature an interior mesh brief for added comfort, a stash pockets to securely hold important items such as a wallet and phone, and also feature Columbia’s trademark antimicrobial treatment as protection against bacterial growth. 


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