• Dom Raso talks about AR15's

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    Our friend Dom Raso explains the mistruths regarding Assault rifles and gives a strong case on why we need them to protect ourselves and our families from threats. Dom is a veteran U.S. Navy Seal that currently trains military and civilians on how to protect themselves with his company Dynamis Alliance. I have actually taken his Situational Combatives class in Virginia Beach. He not only teaches you how to neutralize the threat he spends a great deal of time on mindset and situational awareness. In this NRA video, he gives a rebuttal to the political pundits that are using an act of terrorism to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. Disclaimer:  The views and content of this post are strictly the voice and opinion of the author, and not necessarily...

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  • The Making of the Carlos Ray Tactical Pant

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    TD has been selling gear for around 10 years. During this time we have seen a void in the tactical pants category. Our answer was the Carlos Ray pant.  The Carlos Ray pants have been evolving for over 3 years. Each evolution we have taken user feedback & our personal T&E back into the design room. This helps us in making & adjusting features to enhance the users experience. We feel that the TD Apparel line offers the customer great gear at a reasonable price.  Where did the name come from? This is a common question that only a few people get. We wanted to add some humor to a serious pant. If you Google Carlos Ray you will find  a photo of 80's icon "Chuck Norris".  Development team: Frankie Collins...

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  • Arc'teryx: Is the price tag worth it?

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    The tactical industry has brought on a crowd of folks that tend to go for “trendy” products.  Yes, tactical stuff has gotten trendy.  I consider Arc’teryx to be a brand that falls into the line of stuff that these people consider “trendy” and want to buy whether they need it or not.  I always looked at the Arc’teryx LEAF line as stuff that was nice gear, but just not feasible for the price.  I would look at it, even try it on…but never pull the trigger on buying it.  The cost was always too high for me.  Then I got the opportunity to get some gear with a pretty good discount.  I couldn’t pass this up, because it was a pretty substantial discount. The pieces...

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  • Modern PTSD Being Represented on FX's "You're the Worst"

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    FX's Show "You're the Worst" has successfully portrayed a modern war vet in a sitcom.  The show is in its third season and has lightly touched on the character Edgar's PTSD.  The episode "Twenty-Two" is fully focused on Edgar's view of the world and his daily dealings of PTSD.  It was titled "Twenty-Two" based on the current statistic of the daily average of soliders & veterants that commit suicide.  They simulate a veterans perspective by repeating some of the situations from the previous episode showing how he saw his friends and zoned out from certain happenings.  This character though out the show, is a modern representation of the latest generation of vets in pop culture.  It is important that they are not an after thought which has...

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  • Recoil Reviews the SYG Jean

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    Be sure to check out Recoil's in depth review on the Stand Your Ground Jean in their EDC: 10 Things for Every Day Christmas blog post. "SYG Jeans from Tactical Distributors Inc. (TDI). SYG is the acronym they chose for Stand Your Ground; they’re “concealed carry” pants that aren’t stupid, and like a whole bunch of stuff on their website they’re 30% off today. They’re comfortable, functional, well designed, with a total of 10 pockets to carry every sort of EDC necessity and then some. Among those is an internal back pocket mag pouch that will hold your wallet so it doesn’t slide down to the bottom part of your ass cheek — which is handy, assuming you don’t need that spot for an AR15 magazine. Previously available...

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