When deciding on a way to transport and protect your rifles, you will discover how popular soft cases can be. Two of the most popular types of soft case are the rifle scabbard and the rifle bag. Both types of case offer distinct advantages, so choosing one will depend on your individual needs. Let's take a look at the benefits each type can offer you.

Scabbard vs. Rifle Bag Rifle Scabbard

Rifle scabbards date all the way back to the Old West. Originally made from a single piece of deer or elk leather, scabbards would be sewn and decorated with fringes. These scabbards were intended to protect rifles from the elements and make them easy to carry on your back or on your horse. Today's rifle scabbards combine the original benefits of scabbards with new innovations. In the past, rifle scabbards were able to hold your rifle, but they were not able to secure it. Contemporary rifle scabbards are designed with a range of interior straps that you can configure to ensure your rifle stays secure in its scabbard.

Rifle Bag

Rifle bags, sometimes referred to as soft cases, can be thought of as an evolution of the rifle scabbard. While rifle scabbards often leave the butt of the rifle exposed for easy access, rifle bags are intended to keep the entirety of the rifle contained securely. This makes transporting your rifle longer distances safer and more convenient. Rifle bags will often contain separate pockets for muzzles, stocks, and ammo, with an internal tie-down system to ensure your gun does not move while traveling. Rifle bags are lightweight and quiet, and can be waterproofed and designed to float, allowing you to feel safe bringing your bag anywhere.

No matter which type of rifle case you choose, you can be sure your rifle will be protected. Take into consideration the types of environments and activities you will be involved in before deciding which case will be right for you.

TDM Developer