We would like to present you with our first ever Tactical Distributors Artist T-Shirt Series.  We want to showcase different American artists style and point of view.


TD’s Artist T-Shirt Jude Aurilio

About the Artist - Jude Aurilio

In his words - I'm from  Va. Beach, Va.  Tattooer since 2001. I prefer Americana style tattooing, bold lines and lots of black shading. Tattoos you can see from across a room. 

 My paintings are all spit shaded/ water color. No markers or computers. 

 I think that the "Next" painting has an American feel, maybe like the fighting attitude of an american.  

Contact Jude:

Instagram: jude_aurilio

 Email: judeaurilio@gmail.com 


Jude Aurilio
  1. Do you shoot firearms? I do shoot firearms.
  2.  What’s your fav firearms activity?  I shoot 3 gun and USPSA/IDPA. Sponsored by J and L customs and EAA.
  3. How do were introduced to firearms?  I've always had an interest in shooting and firearms. Thanks SOLDIER OF FORTUNE magazine. 
Tattooing at another angle
  1. What’s your fav piece of gear?  Favorite piece of gear is probably my 10 1/2" 300 Blackout, NOVESKE Infidel rifle. 
  2. Do you have an Everyday Carry item that you can’t live without?  My favorite EDC is my Glock 19. Spiced up By Jim Jones of J and L customs.
Tattooing at a third angle

Jude's design is the first of a 3 tee shirt collection that will be released through out the summer.  This is a limited addition tee so put up your dukes & get some!

Jesse Curtis


I would love to do a custom shirt with you guys! Prosponsored Tattoo Artist and 24/7 ready kickass if needed! I think this is a awesome idea and would love to see what you guys think of my designs and style!!!!! Great idea and I been telling other tactical brands this should happen glad to see you guys are on top of this!!! Super badass!!!! Can’t wait to get my set Jude. Much respect!!!

— Lance Albright