We would like to present you with second edition in our TD’s Artist T-Shirt Series.  We want to keep showcasing different American art styles and point of views.
TD’s Artist T-Shirt by Josh
About the Artist - Josh Malbon

Josh Malbon is a lifelong explorer in the art of communication.  Through the arrangement of typography, iconography and media, Malbon demonstrates a way of working that shares information, news and ideas.

"The design is of St. George and the Dragon.  It is based off of the pendants of patron saints.  I chose this particular soldier saint because of the symbolism in slaying a dragon being a metaphor for the greater fight against evil."


Josh Malbon
  1. Do you shoot firearms? I shoot a Benelli Super Black Eagle II 12 gauge 
  2. What’s your fav firearms activity(ie-hunting, range…etc.)?  Shooting ducks
  3. How do were introduced to firearms?  Dad started taking me hunting at a young age in the salt marsh on the Eastern Shore.
  4. What’s your fav piece of gear?  My favorite pieces of gear are High 'N Dry waders and neoprene jacket.
  5. Do you have an Everyday Carry item that you can’t live without?  No tangible EDC but a practioner at Tidewater Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  You can find out more about Josh at malboncreative.com or @malboncreative on Instagram and Facebook

Jesse Curtis