When it comes to the world of tactical gear and military equipment, American tactical brands are known for their quality, durability, and innovation. Some of the most elite users of this equipment are the United States Special Forces, who need gear that can withstand the harshest conditions and perform under extreme pressure. But with so many options and brands, how do you know which ones are the best? Well, you’re in the right place, because we’re going to explore the world of American tactical gear brands, focusing on the equipment that Special Forces wear. If these individuals trust these brands, then you know they’re some of the highest-quality options on the market!
  1. Crye Precision
    Crye Precision is a brand that has become well-known for providing top-tier tactical gear. The Special Forces community has a deep appreciation for Crye’s innovative products, including the iconic Crye Precision MultiCam camouflage pattern. Their Adaptive Combat Uniform (ACU) and G3 Combat Uniforms are used by elite military units due to their comfort, durability, and functionality. Additionally, Crye Precision specializes in body armor, gloves, and other protective gear, ensuring whoever wears the products is well-equipped for any scenario.

  2. LBT (London Bridge Trading)
    London Bridge Trading (LBT) is a brand that has solidified its reputation as a go-to choice for Special Forces and elite military units when it comes to load-bearing equipment and tactical nylon gear. LBT has a rich history of crafting gear that withstands the harshest of conditions and the most demanding missions. Their plate carriers, chest rigs, and packs are not only battle-tested but also designed with modularity in mind. This modular approach allows Special Forces operators to customize their loadouts according to mission requirements, ensuring they have precisely what they need, where they need it.

  3. Viktos
    Viktos is a relatively newer player in the American tactical gear industry, but it has quickly gained recognition among Special Forces and other military personnel for its innovative approach to design and functionality. Viktos specializes in a wide range of tactical apparel and footwear, including combat pants, boots, gloves, and outerwear. What sets Viktos apart is its focus on merging cutting-edge technology with functional design, resulting in gear that performs exceptionally well in the field. Special Forces appreciate Viktos for its attention to detail, robust construction, and its ability to keep up with the rigorous demands of their missions. As Viktos continues to expand its product line, it's becoming a brand to watch for those who require top-tier tactical gear.

  4. Salomon
    Salomon is another one of the globally recognized tactical brands that stands out in the world of tactical footwear. While they may be more commonly associated with outdoor and trail running shoes, Salomon tactical boots have gained substantial popularity within the Special Forces community. Their reputation for producing lightweight, comfortable, and exceptionally durable footwear transcends into their tactical line. These boots are designed with rugged terrains and long missions in mind, offering both protection and agility. The unique technology and design innovations in Salomon boots provide excellent traction and support, ensuring that Special Forces operators can confidently navigate challenging environments. Salomon's commitment to quality and performance extends to their tactical range, making them a brand that Special Forces personnel trust and rely on for mission success.

Empowering Special Forces with Elite American Tactical Brands

Crye Precision, LBT, Viktos, and Salomon represent an intimidating lineup of American tactical brands that have earned the trust and respect of Special Forces operatives. Salomon's tactical footwear excels in providing lightweight, durable, and agile solutions, ensuring comfort and mobility during long missions. Viktos, a newer but innovative player, combines cutting-edge technology with functional design to offer gear that performs exceptionally well in the field. Crye Precision, a household name in the tactical industry, delivers comfort, functionality, and durability through their iconic apparel and body armor. Finally, LBT's long-standing commitment to excellence in load-bearing equipment and tactical nylon gear provides Special Forces with the modularity they need to meet the most demanding mission requirements. Together, these brands equip our nation's finest with the very best gear, allowing them to execute their missions with precision and efficiency.

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