MTHD x TDQ Sundowner Sun Shirt

$ 89.00
Color: Hundreds Camo

YES - $'s saga continues and we're back at it with Live Q or Die to bring you another epic piece in this TDQ x MTHD collaboration collection.  The Sundowner Sun Shirt is a hooded top featuring the infamous print designed from a hundred pictures of rocks, soil, lichen, bush, shrubs, dirt, and other natural South African hunting habitat photos.  We were able to sublimate Polartec® Delta™ with this repeated image to create the ultimate photorealistic camouflage pattern.  

Q: Why this material?  A: Polartec® created this cooling fabric technology to better utilize the body’s natural cooling process – sweat!  Next-to-skin fabrics that target wicking and fast drying will keep moisture moving but don’t work towards actually COOLING the body down. Delta™ works more efficiently by elevating touch points for increased airflow, faster moisture dispersal, and reduced “wet-cling”.

Q: What specifically is it about this technology that’s so special?  A: Polartec® Delta™ features an innovative composition that regulates dry times and allows for better breathability when wet.  Delta’s specialized knit construction uses both hydrophobic [water-hating] and hydrophilic [water-loving] yarns for more advanced control of moisture dispersal.  These patent-pending radiating knit structures keep you cooler in hot conditions by increasing airflow to dissipate heat.

Designed as a “go anywhere/ do anything” active top for a myriad of activities from hunting to hanging out in a hammock.  This lightweight waffle jersey knit is UPF +25, has built-in odor control, and is made from Tencel, a sustainable natural fiber. A fabric with a UPF rating of +25 will only allow 1/25th of the sun's UV rays to pass through, meaning a significant reduction in UV radiation exposure. Paired with modern construction and trim details, our hoody is both stylish and functional in any relaxed setting. 

TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers are 100% bio-degradable and produced from sustainably sourced wood by environmentally responsible processes.  Known for their natural comfort, TENCEL™ fibers are versatile and can be combined with a wide range of textile fibers to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of fabrics.  Textiles containing these fibers are desirable for their softness, strength, and moisture absorption efficiency.

MTHD = Mountain, Tundra, H2O, Desert

TDQ = Tactical Distributors x Live Q or Die

Features & Benefits:

  • Cool Touch
  • Odor Control
  • Superior Wicking
  • Regulated Drying
  • Highly Breathable
  • Reduced Cling
  • Lightweight
  • Athletic Fit
  • Hidden EDC pocket
  • Sun Protective Hood Design
  • Thumb Slots
  • Wrap-forward Shoulder Seams
  • Wrap-around Side Seams
  • Back Neck Hanger Loop
  • Exclusive Camo Print
  • Main body as Polartec® Delta® 80% Polyester [derived from minimum 50% recycled P.E.T. plastic], 20% Tencel™ Lyocell [a cellulosic fiber from gum trees], 146g/m2 Waffle Jersey Knit

Size + Fit:

MTHD x TDQ Sherpa Fleece Jacket Jacket TD Apparel