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For any and every environment, task, or adventure you will need the right lens for optimal results. Whether the results you seek are on the water, reducing bright conditions, sight fishing inshore, lower light and cloudy weather, or everyday activities and water sports—there's a lens specifically engineered for that.

Costa Del Mar specializes in eyewear for everything from high-performance needs, beach lifestyles, and much more. With over 37 years of focused, dedicated passion for designing polarized sport sunglasses made right here in the USA, Costa Del Mar is one of most top-ranking eyewear brands trusted in professional water sports and summer sports, extreme or casual. Their passion for bringing nothing less but the industries top-tier in sunglasses start with assembly and is examined by no fewer than 8 hard-working eyewear experts before they are placed for sale and into customer's hands, ensuring Costa Del Mar's reputation for high-standards remains.

With a wide range of features in their exclusive athleisure eyewear line, there's a pair for everyone and their specific needs. Choose from a different frame, green, blue, or gray polarized lenses. Bringing maximum comfort for long periods of wear for the dedicated angler that loves the thrill of life as well as an adventure on the water. Built not just for comfort but to be rugged and tough, Costa Del Mar has made a legendary name for themselves not only with those professional anglers that live for the next bite but for those who need eye protection to work and play as hard as they do and then exceed them.

At Tactical, we go above and beyond to offer products and partner with brands, like Costa Del Mar, that offer the best of the best. Exceptional tactical, hunting, sport, and outdoor gear should be made long-lasting, tough, and as durable as possible which is why we only carry premium gear like this for our clientele. Questions and comments about our Costa Del Mar stock, or any of our exceptional tactical gear? Contact us anytime. We would love to share our passion with you and help you find the exact piece of gear you need to get your job done.