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Grit. Perseverance. Gratitude. Confidence. You work every day to push past boundaries, adapt to every situation, no matter how uncomfortable--these are your core tenants, life lessons you apply whether in uniform or not.
DEFCON Group may say they don't play well with others, but we're proud and humbled to announce our collaboration with them. Now our customers can enjoy DEFCON's product line of  rugged and high-quality items made here in the USA. From durable Tees and sweatshirts to their distinctive, numbered edition Half Face Blades Crow JR.

DEFCON Group's limited collections mean these are quantity-limited items, so ensure your target is secured when they drop, or you'll miss out.
100% Heavyweight cotton material used in every garment. Premium cotton guarantees that you'll be comfortable wearing DEFCON's moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, whether you're heading to the range or vert skating. DEFCON's signature clothing runs true to size and is made for any fit, active or lounging—many consider it one of their grails for limited edition apparel not found anywhere else, and for good reason too!

DEFCON Group has consistently released head-turning products that continuously sell out. They've built their brand around steadfast quality and supreme tactical streetwear looks. With DEFCON making an iconic name for themselves in tactical apparel, it just made sense to bring this collection to our customers.

Questions or comments about our DEFCON selection? Please feel free to reach out to the Tactical  team any time. You can call us at 1-866-919-6905 or email our expert customer service representatives at so  we can help you find exactly what you need. Along with providing knowledgeable answers to any questions you have, we're also happy to answer any questions about group orders.

At Tactical, we're committed to constantly expanding our inventory with the highest quality products today while ensuring we provide the best online shopping experiences for our customers. With over a decade of experience,  we'll help you find the perfect piece of gear you need at affordable prices with quality you can trust with your life—professional-grade, built rugged, extreme performance—all that and more here at Tactical Distributors.