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When looking for a company manufacturing gear to meet the unique needs of soldiers and law enforcement professionals, Ferro Concepts has your back. They specialize in the creation of tactical gear made with the highest standards of performance without sacrificing on comfort or maneuverability. They understand wearing a rig shouldn’t impede your ability to successfully do your job, cause serious discomfort, or get in the way of the task at hand. With this in mind, Ferro Concepts tactical products are made to be lightweight yet functional in all the best ways for a component you can depend on when it really matters.

One of their most innovative and sought-after options is their plate carrier, The Ferro Concepts Slickster. This innovative product allows for more versatility and adaptability than ever before. Weighing in at an impressive 14 ounces, this carrier features several options for a customizable fit and function, as well as the fact that it will work with a wide range of plate types. They have completely revamped this area of tactical gear and set the bar higher than previous generations. In addition to the carriers, Ferro Concepts also manufactures magazine holders compatible with a range of carriers. These holders come in up to triple models to give you the most carrying power for your rig. Made to conform to the body of the user for a more comfortable fit, these holders offer smooth movement for a variety of magazine types. When you need to reload in a hurry, you understand the importance of having one of the best carrier systems on your body to keep you ready for action. In addition to the plate carriers and accompanying elements, Ferro Concepts tactical products also include a range of smaller items such as slings, assault packs, and even fanny pack style pockets to house essentials on the go. Regardless of which option you choose, adding this brand to your collection of gear is definitely a smart move you won’t regret.

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Ferro Concepts Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ferro Concepts From?

Ferro Concepts is a company that like its products, is made in the USA. Every product and material is manufactured and procured in the United States. The company first started with a sewing machine in a garage and now has grown into a corporation that makes quality products for Armed Forces and Law Enforcement professionals.

When Was Ferro Concepts Created?

Ferro Concepts was founded in 2009 and has been proudly serving the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement since then.

What Products are Ferro Concepts Known for?

One of the most popular products that Ferro Concepts is known for is the Slingster, which was designed to be one of the best rifle slings on the market. With a rubberized pull tab, you can easily transition your weapon from slung to being combat ready in a matter of seconds, making this great for tactical missions where time is of the essence.