TD Lead Sling-er 2023

$ 9.99 $ 22.99
Color: Frogskin Beach

"Are you goin' to do something? Or are you just going to stand there and bleed?" Wyatt Earp 

Don't just stand there HOLDING your rifle, sling it up with our Lead Sling-er!  All new colors: OV Tiger, Gerek Lizard, Frogskin Beach and Tie-Dye!  Our sling has added padding for user comfort as well as a pull-tab adjustment for versatility and quick adjustments to be made while you're kicking in the saloon doors.  When you swap to your six-shooter, the strength of our precise stitching will hold your rifle even as you're on the move.  Still just bleedin’?  Well?  Do somethin’! 


  • 100% Polyester 330D + Urethane coating