Altama OTB Maritime Assault Low Shoes - OD GREEN

$ 79.99
By Altama
SKU: 335006-8R
Color: Olive Drab

Military designed and tested, the Altama OTB Maritime Assault Low Shoe is the tactical shoe to have for amphibious movements. This bad boy was made with everyone's love for low top Chuck Taylors kept in mind, and comes packed with so much more.

It includes two drain ports that expel water as you walk and the shoe flexes, a one-piece ABS shank with no room to bend which gives you proper foot placement going up and down the boat ladders, and an Ultron PU contoured (Footbed) insole that doesn't absorb water but still gives the user cushion. Those materials coupled with 1000D Cordura will give life and mitigate any water absorption. 

The idea behind the shoe is for users to have the ability to go from water to land with the same footwear. It is slightly more narrow than the classic Chuck to allow better comfort and fit while wearing a diving fin.  Designed to be worn without socks. Once you make it to land, kick those fins off and continue up that beach. If this doesn't smell like highspeed, we don't know what does. Grab em, swim with em, take em Over The Beach.

• Maritime Assault Boot for all tactical water operations 

• Fin friendly fit; fits just about any dive fins used by Militaries worldwide

• High abrasion quick drying 1000D Cordura quarter panels offered in both solid colors and MultiCam® Doesn't hold water

• Air mesh linings help wick away sweat and other moisture quickly from your feet

• Non-shine rust-proof lace hardware will not break on the battle field

• Low profile, Flat laces will not cause pain from fin wear on long swims

• Full length one piece ABS shank provides stability and support when climbing a caving ladder

• Ultron® PU contoured insole will not absorb water

• Front non-metallic drain ports allow for water to drain easily when flexing the boot

• SEAL Rubber sticky outsoles. The rubber compound was originally developed for rock climbing shoes and modified for wet tactical operations. SEAL Rubber is one of the stickiest, high traction rubbers on the market today. Designed for Specials Ops. Worn by the Elite.

Size + Fit:

Regular: D

Wide: EEE