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When it comes to spending time on the field or at the range practicing, your vision is the difference between making or missing your mark. Firing your weapon during practice without proper shooting glasses can be not only dangerous, but it can also lower your shooting accuracy. With our selection of glasses, you can rest assured performance and safety are up to standard.

We offer a great selection of tactical shooting glasses from leading names such as Oakley, Smith, and more for quality you can trust. All the shooting glasses we offer feature 100% UVA and UVB ray protection for a clear shot every time. They also feature the latest in eyewear innovations such as fog-free lenses, lenses vision-tuned specifically for shooting to avoid eye strain, and precision focused lenses to help block out distractions in the line of vision. We offer many options that offer snap out lenses for frames you can customize with other lenses to meet your specific preferences. Need to improve your visual acuity? Check out lenses in shades of orange or yellow. Worried about glare against the target or blocking out the brightness of the sun? Grey and green-gray tinted lenses work best for this purpose. With our selection of lens colors, find exactly what you need to improve your next target practice. The tactical shooting glasses we offer are made with durable polycarbonate lenses to ensure absolute safety at the range. They are impact resistant and scratch resistant while offering a close fitted frame for a snug fit. Choose from varying amounts of coverage depending on the style chosen.Whether for personal or professional use, these glasses are available in styles that are modern and sleek for both men and women.

At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to being your source for all your tactical gear and accessories. We offer a wide selection of products from the top names in the world to make sure you excel at both work and play. If you have any questions about these exceptional options for tactical gear, our team would be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shooting glasses?

As with anything trying to determine the best is a relative term, as the best for you could be different from the best for your neighbor. However, there are some things to look for in shooting glasses. When shopping for the best shooting glasses look at polarization, anti-fog or fog-proof coating, color, and magnification. You'll want a high-quality option that will last for several years, as well as scratch-resistant lenses in case something does come in contact with them. You will also want to make sure they are comfortable for you to wear. You'll need to have them on for potentially long amounts of time, so you'll want to make sure that they are comfortable and don't cause you issues while wearing.

What is the best color for shooting glasses?

The best color for shooting glasses will depend on what time you are shooting. Many people are comfortable in yellow and orange tinted lenses for shooting, as these can block haze and blue light, and even enhance the contrast between the target and its background. A yellow lens also works better if you are shooting in low-light conditions. A gray tint to the lens will not enhance the target, but will provide a reduced glare in bright sunlight, which makes this good if you often are in a sunny range. Certain lenses are polarized, and they can come in any color, even clear. These are great to have for reducing glare and enhancing your outdoor vision. Some shooting glasses change color by darkening automatically when in bright sunlight and come in a variety of colors from brown to gray and green. The coloring is again something that is relative to the shooter and what they prefer.

How do you keep shooting glasses from fogging up?

Some shooting glasses come with anti-fog coatings placed on the lenses which will help prevent that annoyance of having your lenses fog up while in the middle of a day on the range. Since you need to keep your eye protection on, you need solutions that either don't fog up or options that can be made to not fog up. If you'd rather not choose a pair with an anti-fog coating, you can make your own with a little bit of shaving cream. Apply directly to the lens, then rub it in. Allow the cream to dry, then remove the residue with a dry and soft cloth.

Are shooting glasses the same as safety glasses?

Having the proper protective eyewear is crucial to enjoying a day at the range without risking your safety. Depending on where you shoot, you may have different safety ratings that your gear has to meet. In general, safety glasses have an INSI-Z87.1 safety rating, which is great for industrial work or even construction. However, that protection is only for basic impact, not ballistic or projectile resistance. The next level of resistance is the ANSI-Z87.1+ which is the same as the other, but with the added benefit of being effective against high-velocity impact. These are better, but still not the correct protection if you truly want to protect against bullets. The safety standard created and used by the US Military, and what is recommended for shooting glasses, is the MIL-PRF-32432. Any glasses with this rating feature ballistic resistance and protection from high-velocity impact. The testing standards for this particular rating are 7 times greater than the testing for the ANSI-Z87.1+ rating.