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Whether on a camping trip, a mission, or just your everyday life, staying warm during the colder months is paramount. Since most of the body’s heat escapes through the head, wearing the right headwear in winter is a great way to prevent issues while staying comfortable. One of the most ideal options for this need are beanies. Made to fit snug against the head, tactical beanies offer an extra layer of warmth and protection no matter how harsh the elements.

We are pleased to bring you a selection of beanies that will meet this need with ease. With top brands at your disposal, choose from choices such as Columbia, UA, Sitka, and more for tactical beanies sure to live up to your high standards. Made with a variety of high-quality materials, these options for cold weather headwear are comfortable against the skin while still offering great heat entrapment to keep you warm. With most models being windproof, you will get the protection you need in comfort. The styles range from camping friendly options in green tones to black colors for tactical purposes, as well as desert tones. From moisture wicking properties to keep your head dry with Merino wool to options with poly coated interiors to trap the heat as much as possible, these options for tactical headwear all feature high levels of quality and attention to every detail throughout. While we offer a range of beanie options, we also have head wraps to add even more warmth and protection from the elements. Designed for use with helmets, hats, or alone, wraps cover the neck area to provide even more protection from chilly winds and debris. Made from stretchy polyester blend material, the wraps are one size fit most for a versatile addition to your next mission or adventure. When looking for options to keep you warm and comfortable, find everything you need right here!

At Tactical Distributors, we are honored to be your source for all your gear. If you have questions while shopping our collections, please contact us for further assistance.