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Thyrm is one of those tactical brands that you've just got to love. With over 40 combined years of designing, developing, and producing advanced tools for those working on and off the battlefield, Thyrm is continuously improving its products to better suit an ever-changing world.

Their products provide ease of access and security to some of the most important facets of your gear, like batteries and lighters. This also includes flashlight access—is this something you've ever considered? Have you had to hold your light in your mouth or throw it down altogether for a reload? The SwitchBack 2.0 Flashlight Ring will allow you to wear your light on your off-hand. The ring is designed to slide into the flashlight's webbing—also works with MOLLE/PALS webbing—to secure it. It's also ergonomic, allowing you to freely use both hands to reload, shoot, and move. Choose from grey, tan, or black. With the Thyrm tactical SwitchBack, you'll never put yourself at the risk of being in the dark, even for a split second.

Sometimes, your pockets just aren't secure enough for your valuables. Say you need extra batteries or first aid supplies—can you realistically keep all of it safe from factors like sweat or water? That's where the Thyrm tactical CellVault Battery Storage comes in. It's vertically shaped and slim, using less than one MOLLE webbing column. This CellVault attaches to your gear, so your contents are easily accessible. It can store items like three CR123 batteries, four AAA batteries, emergency money, small packet consumables, matches, and iodine tablets. The bottom of the vault will hold your CR123 batteries in place, even if the tube is turned upside down. It is important to note that, while it is waterproof, this product is not designed to be waterproof for long periods of time.

Thyrm also offers their PyroVault, which acts as a durable case for your lighter. This is not mere housing for your lighter; made of heat-resistant reinforced polymer, the PyroVault will easily withstand your lighter's heat. Plus, the built-in O-ring seals out water and minimizes evaporation. This is a great case to keep your lighter secure and in working order, no matter what the outdoors may bring. A low-profile MOLLE/PALS webbing clip allows you to attach it onto your gear. These casings are made from stand Zippo-style lighter inserts (fluid and butane torch). If you don't already have a Zippo, check out our custom classic option, with powder-coated black and our logo emblazoned onto it.

If you have any questions about the Thyrm tactical gear we offer, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.