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The morale patch isn't just for the military anymore. Skyrocketing in popularity, sports groups, airsoft, tactical practitioners, mountaineers, motorcycles, private clubs, and more civilian organizations are getting in on the action with morale patches.

The first morale patch is attributed to The Blood Chit, a notice carried by military personnel and addressed to civilians who may come across an armed service member—such as pilots shot down in battle—sewn on the inside of flight jackets. Today, they're still present and still at work, but the morale patch has spread to encompass so much more.

Violent Little Machine Shop focuses on the in-your-face, hilarious, brutally honest and popular culture today to meet a wide range of morale patch collector's ideas and needs.

Violent Little Machine's morale patches aren't for those without a sense of humor. Made from the highest quality fabric and intricately embroidered, bold, vivid color with hook Velcro on the back make these long-lasting and eye-catching patches that can be worn and changed as the mood suits you.

Double entendre and hot takes on classics, or just saying what we're all really thinking—Violent Little Machine morale patches are the perfect fit for whatever you're wearing, wherever you may be going.

For over more than a decade and a half, Tactical Distributors has been serving the unique community of tactical hobbyists, professional hunters, veterans, active-duty military, LEO, and extreme sports enthusiasts alike. When it comes to finding exactly what you need at the best quality, we're your one-stop tactical shop for everything.

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