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Morale patches have kept the spirits of soldiers up in tough times with their humorous phrases and images acting as a unique way to identify friendlies. During instances of strife, it can be uplifting to peer up at a patch reading something that allows you a mental break. They are similar to military unit designators, but morale patches are non-sanctioned and unofficial. Historically, they've been kept on a hush-hush basis due to unit regulations. In the countless types of morale patches available, including ones to denote your blood type or duty, others often mention tongue in cheek jokes that aren't PG-13! These patches are believed to have been created during WWII by aircraftsmen. Since then, the ease of Velcro has allowed for these patches to be quickly put on and removed. They've also become collectible, with thousands of these floating around the military community in exchange for older (or newer) patches. Essentially, morale patches allow soldiers to give their gear a personal touch, something that can be lost in the uniformity of the military. We offer a variety of these, including tactical patches.

Drawing on pop culture trends, tactical morale patches are one of a kind designs that have a ton of personality. We have their Cable Tactical Teddy option, which is inspired by Deadpool 2's time-traveling mutant assassin. Using Cable's teddy bear, has turned the stuffed animal into Cable himself. The patch features the bear adorned in military gear with a bionic eye and arm. It also happens to be holding Cable's gun, which adds to the personality of this cool patch. We also offer the Tacti-Skull patch. This patch takes on a Halloweenish, psychobilly look with its dapper skull guy at the center flaunting a 1950s pompadour. In a white, grey, black, and red color scheme, this patch will look excellent on your gear.

One of the best qualities of the morale patch is that anyone can use them practically anywhere. While they are primarily used in the military, many civilians decorate their jackets, backpacks, and other gear with them. If you have any questions about our tactical morale patches, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you.