As a tactical professional, the importance of staying healthy is second nature. With an emphasis on staying in shape to stay ready for the job, you might want to mix up your workout routine from time to time to stay on your toes. Here are 6 tactical workouts to help you shake things up while staying in shape.

1. HIIT Workout

For a quick workout that packs a punch, a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout focuses on performing movements quickly to get the most burn. There are a lot of different HIIT workouts to try so you can add your favorite moves and change things up to work on different areas as you need. Here is a great example of a HIIT workout routine:

2. Speed and Agility Workout

We all know in this line of work the matter of speed and agility are of paramount importance. There are targeted moves you can perform which will help to ensure speed and agility by working certain muscles and honing certain skills. Here is an example of a speed and agility workout:

3. CrossFit Workout

If you haven’t heard of CrossFit, you must be living in a cave. This high-intensity workout focuses on testing endurance and training muscles by way of overcoming challenging obstacles. While many CrossFitters use heavy duty equipment, there are also workouts which focus more on the movements and muscles and less on the use of a mallet or dragging an oversized tire. Here is an example of CrossFit to give this a try:

4. Punisher Workout

For a workout that combines the best of strength training, movement, and cardio, this is a great all in one program to try out. With a focus on moves like burpees and the reliable cardio of running, this workout covers all your bases. See for yourself here:

5. Strength and Conditioning Workout

When you are looking to strengthen and tone up key areas, this is one worth trying. It focuses on moves designed to tone key muscle groups for noticeable results. Give these moves a try with this quick video:

6. Tactical Functional Training Outdoor Workout

While this one focuses on strength training, it is also highly focused on range of motion especially tailored to the common movements of tactical professionals. These range of motion exercises not only help build muscle and muscle memory recall, they ensure you will be ready to move with ease and precision when you need to in a real-life situation.