The airsoft sport has increased in popularity over the last few years. If you’re a fan, or thinking about getting into it, you know you need the right airsoft gear – tactical apparel, body armor, vests, eyewear, holsters, pouches, belts, gloves, and more – for a day of play.

In case you're not familiar or just doing early recon, airsoft is a competitive team shooting game in which players tag opponents out of the game with plastic pellets (BBs) fired from high-powered airsoft electric guns (AEGs). It's a highly tactical sport, simulating military strategy in conditions that recreate tactical warfare situations.

What Airsoft Gear Should You Get?

Face Masks and Head Gear
Protective head gear serves an essential purpose as tactical airsoft gear when you’re in the heat of battle. Mouth guards are strongly recommended and sometimes required, depending on the field. Full face masks are optional, along with additional head gear, like a helmet.

What features should you look for in a helmet?
  • A lightweight design for easy carry and less wear fatigue. Airsoft apparel and head gear should offer protection in indoor/MOUT/CQB environments against medium or close-range BB hits.
  • Airsoft gear should provide you with a decent rail system and velcro to fit a variety of tactical accessories that you may want – common head gear accessories are POV cameras, lights, battery boxes, and IFF Markers.
  • Look for high-quality materials such as ABS Engineering Plastics, Anti-seismic foam plastic, and nylons.
Eye Protection
While AEGs are non-lethal weapons, the most crucial piece of protective airsoft gear you'll need to obtain is eyewear. Protective eyewear is standardly required airsoft equipment. Severe eye damage can occur with a direct shot to the face or from a BB ricocheting.

So, what do our experts recommend?

The best eye safety will come from a pair of full-seal goggles. These have a heavier build compared to clear safety glasses and airsoft-specific mesh glasses (mesh is the least protective option). You'll want to ensure your protective eyewear offers these features, if possible:
  • Anti-fog coating
  • UV Protection
  • Durable frame
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Shatterproof and scratch proof
Tactical Vests
You'll need airsoft apparel and body armor that offers protection for your upper body as well as your arms. With an excellent tactical vest, you’ll want to wear a mid-weight outer layer like a jacket or a hoodie, as your upper body will be the most targeted spot by the enemy.

Our experts recommend considering The Slickster Plate Carrier from Ferro Concepts for the following reasons:
  • Balanced and comfortable load carriage capability
  • Light and flexible thanks to lightweight Cordura with color-matched loop field velcro
  • Fully adjustable laminated shoulder straps that allow precision fit for extreme comfort
  • Laser cut slots on the laminated chest for attachment of ADAPT flaps and ITW QASM buckles to be added by the user
  • Designed to carry ballistic plates such as E/X/SAPI, Stand-alone level 4, and swimmer/shooter cut plates (sold separately.)
  • Cummerbund has a hook/loop Velco section inside and out with a midsection stitched vertically in three equidistant lines to create four STANAG-sized pockets. The bottom of the pockets has a small selection of bar-tacked webbing looping around the base to further security items.
For airsoft plates, you don't need to go for genuine ceramic plates if it's out of your budget or you want to be as lightweight as possible. A plastic replica, called 'dummy plates,' works well here to keep your gear light for the best range of movement.

Tactical Gloves
You might think any pair of gloves will work as airsoft tactical gear, as long as they give you the full range of movement. But consider how your fingers will feel after being hit with several BBs, or environmental factors like splinters, cuts, or cold weather during winter matches.

You need a good pair of tactical gloves because they offer:
  • Excellent grip on your weaponry, magazine, doors—anything you need to do with your hands
  • Protection from rough or sharp surfaces
  • Reduced impact of a BB to your hands and fingers
  • Protection from elements: rain or cold or even grabbing hot metal left in the sun

What do our experts recommend? Here are two strategic options to consider:
  1. Viktos LEO Duty Glove
  2. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves, Gen 2

Both gloves are touchscreen compatible, lightweight, designed for law enforcement, military, and tactical operations – perfect as airsoft tactical gear.

These are the fundamental basics for your airsoft kit or loadout. There's much more to the world of airsoft, from weaponry to gadgetry and customization, but this is a great starting point for a sport and hobby that we think you'll love.

Why You Should Take Up Airsoft as a Hobby

Airsoft might be your favorite hobby if you love playing with different toys and gadgets and customizing your builds. Airsoft equipment allows you to modify each element of your loadout, from weapons to armor, apparel, and any other gear used in the game. In addition to realistic weaponry, airsoft hobbyists employ protective gear, ammo belts, and headgear, which add to the realistic warfare scenarios. It's a hobby that also highly benefits your health and well-being.

There is Nothing Else Like It – As an airsoft player, you'll find yourself in vastly different situations as the nature of airsoft battles don't match the paintball experience. Airsoft players frequently find themselves in intense situations throughout a weekend of skirmishes – undercover with other players firing around them from all directions. The need for constant adaptation and the use of battlefield tactics keeps airsoft players focused, using their minds as well as their bodies.

Stay Fit and Mission-Ready – You're running, crawling, hiding, and chasing up and down the field or the camp during a game, and there are no time outs. Airsoft requires coordination and lots of movement, something our bodies benefit from. Many airsoft players enjoy better respiratory health, increased physical fitness, higher energy, better stamina, muscle growth, and increased joint and ligaments.
Social Benefits – Team sports rely on groups of players adhering to specific rules and codes of conduct while working together to achieve success. Almost all experienced airsoft players welcome new players. They understand and appreciate what a complex sport it is, and that it can be difficult to learn rules and battle etiquette on your own.

Ready to gear up? Let's get you outfitted with the best gear for your kit, no matter if it's your first or fiftieth battle. At TD, you know you can rely on us to watch your six. Whether you need the best airsoft tactical gear, equipment, or apparel, we’ve got you covered, at the best prices.