phone booth on a sidewalk next to a brick wall

Many natural disasters will take down cell towers or they will become so overwhelmed with the number of people trying to make calls at once that they don’t go through. While it can be frustrating and stressful not to be able to make a phone call, it’s important to have tactical gear that acts as a secondary means of communication, especially with friends and family to gather a status on everyone’s condition and location.

What Are Alternative Communication Devices?

In the fast-paced world of tactical operations and outdoor adventures, reliable communication is non-negotiable. When conventional methods fall short, tactical gear alternative communication devices step up, making sure you remain connected no matter where the mission takes you. We understand the importance of staying in touch with your team, which is why we’re diving into the top alternative communication devices you need to know about. Here are some of the most realistic options for alternative communication devices when your cell phone just isn’t cutting it:

  • Phone Booths
    Yes, they still exist, and yes, they still work. The best part is that they’re super reliable, which can help during a disaster situation where your cell phone isn’t working due to a localized disaster. Keep some change on you just in case.

  • Satellite Phones
    When you’re operating in remote locations where cellular networks are nonexistent, satellite phones are your lifeline. These devices communicate directly with satellites orbiting the Earth, providing coverage in even the most isolated areas. Rugged, durable, and reliable, satellite phones offer global reach, making sure that help is always just a call away.

  • Social Media
    If you can still use your phone and get internet on it, you can communicate with others through social media and apps. This can be a great way to relay information if anyone is injured or you are trying to meet up with others after a natural disaster.

  • CB Radio
    This is an old-school method, but it’s still around for a reason because it works. You can make contact within a 20 to 30-mile radius, which is great to coordinate with friends, family, and neighbors.

  • HAM Radio
    This is an option that will remain functional when your cell phone is worthless. This is old-fashioned but will connect you to the outside world when the internet, cell phones, and even landlines go down.

  • Two-Way Radio
    Two-way radios have been a cornerstone of tactical communication for decades. Known for their simplicity and reliability, these devices are key for short-range communication. Modern models come equipped with features like encryption, GPS, and long battery life, making them indispensable for coordinating maneuvers and sharing intel on the go.

  • Mesh Network Radios
    In dynamic environments where flexibility is key, mesh network radios offer a revolutionary solution. These devices create a decentralized communication network, allowing users to send texts and share locations without relying on existing infrastructure. Ideal for search and rescue missions, disaster response, and large-scale operations, mesh networks ensure seamless connectivity across vast areas.

  • Signal Flares and Mirrors
    When all else fails, traditional methods like signal flares and mirrors can be lifesavers. These low-tech communication tools are perfect for signaling distress or marking your location when electronic devices are compromised. Compact and easy to use, they are a must-have backup for any tactical operator or outdoor enthusiast.

Stay Connected, Stay Tactical

As with any disaster preparation, make sure to get the items of your choice ahead of time, and practice using them. A HAM radio won’t be any good to you if you don’t know how to use it, same with a satellite phone. Practice, get used to it, and make it a part of your emergency preparedness plan in case of emergency. Alternative communication tools may be all that you have when disaster strikes, so be prepared.

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