mag pouch

As a tactical professional, you know the importance of having the right gear by your side when you need it most. When it comes to mag pouches, having a shoddy quality one can interfere with performance and just make things more difficult in general. Here are a few suggestions on finding the best mag pouches for your needs.

  • Choose an option that sits where you need it.

One of the biggest keys to finding the best mag pouches is finding one that sits right where you need it for ease of access and comfort of carrying. When you want an option that will sit low rise in position and offers your choice of either vertical or horizontal wear, the BFG Belt Mounted Low Rise M4 Mag Pouch is the right one for you. It keeps the magazine at a lower point than traditional pouches which gives you more ease when changing out mags.

BFG Belt Mounted Low Rise M4 Mag Pouch

  • Find an option to blend function and comfortable wear in one.

Any magazine pouch you are considering adding to your gear needs to meet certain requirements to make the cut. For starters, it needs to give you what you need in performance without being uncomfortable to wear. With the BFG Belt Mounted Double Pistol Mag Pouch, you get an option that is made with no rough edges or corners so there is nothing to cut into your skin or cause discomfort. The pouch is also equipped with design elements that make it lay flat when the mag is removed for even more comfort.

BFG Belt Mounted Double Pistol Mag Pouch

  • Shop for maximum holding capabilities for added convenience.

The matter of how many mags you can carry is especially important in the field. While a single backup magazine may be enough for concealed carry, having more shooting power is always a bonus in a tactical situation. With the Condor LCS VAS Triple Mag Panel, you can house three mags comfortably and access them with ease in a hurry. This pouch is one of the best on the market and is compatible with Condor's Vanquish plate carriers.

Condor LCS VAS Triple Mag Panel

  • Find the right design based on wear.

Aside from how it sits or how many mags you can hold, the matter of the material and design is crucial in finding the best mag pouches. If the pouch is intended for inside the waistband wear, it is even more important to have the right material and design since it will most likely be sitting close to the skin which can cause its own unique set of concerns. With the BlackPoint IWB Pouch, the design features a special sweat guard to pull moisture away from the body as well as a curve in the carrier to fit the curvature of the body.

BlackPoint IWB Pouch