The Armed Forces have won many battles, but there are still more fights to come. With this in mind, the need for reliable, high-performing products has led to the development of innovation after innovation to better protect and aid soldiers. When you need the right gear, apparel, or tools for your team, we offer military purchases of any size to accommodate your needs.
Tactical Distributors - Certified Vendor for Military + Government Purchases
While the Armed Forces keep us safe around the world, local law enforcement professionals are a crucial part of maintaining safety at home. Whether you need group purchases for military, federal agencies, or law enforcement agencies, we have you covered.
We believe our troops and law enforcement professionals deserve the very best the industry has to offer. As a certified vendor for government purchases, we are equipped to handle orders which meet the needs of several US government branches and sectors, including Department of Defense, Special Forces, Swat teams, contractors, SOCOM, and NSW. Our inventory proudly boasts the most trusted brands in the industry to ensure optimal performance, safety, and comfort with every item. Whether looking for training devices for the academy phase, compliant uniforms and footwear for in the field missions, or essentials such as chest rigs, holsters, or military approved first aid kits, we have everything your agency needs to stay safe and get the job done right.
When making a purchase for a group as opposed to an individual, the matter of availability is always crucial once the right products are found. We can accommodate large orders, and ask that you please specify the number of members in your group when placing the order. With our easy to use contact form, you can quickly submit your group size, contact information, and a brief message stating the type of buying you are looking to complete. A member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible to provide you further information regarding your intended purchase.
At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to supplying you with brands fitting the ideals of the American tactical profession. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any aspect of the ordering process. A member of our team would be happy to assist.
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