Unofficially adopted by the U.S. Armed forces during the Vietnam conflict, many young men and women bypassed the standard woodland camouflage in favor of what was called the tigerstripe. The tigerstripe was keen on disguising a corpsman and became so highly effective that to this day, it is still used by U.S. Special Operations forces that operate in remote locations around the world.

And TD is honored to present yet another one-of-a-kind, Tactical Distributors exclusive. We present to you, the Crye Precision X TD Desert Tigerstripe G3 Field pant. This original Desert Tigerstripe Field pant pattern is a limited-edition TD exclusive product created for our TD family. As this is such an exclusive partnership, we've had to place a strict limit of 1 pant per customer, so time is short! Act now and act fast if this must-have field pant is going to be part of your kit.

Like our one-of-a-kind G3 Combat pants, the G3 Field pants are a no-compromise uniform, meticulously created for the ultimate in mobility for any situation the wearer may find themselves in. The Crye Precision X TD Desert Tiger Strip G3 Field pant is combat-proven and sized in 2" waist increments like our legendary once-in-a-lifetime G3 Vietnam Tiger pant. This unique increment system allows you to have a flawless fit without bulky hardware. The Crye Precision X TD Desert Tigerstripe Field pant presents a unique padded waistband and the knees have been exceptionally engineered, shaped as well as reinforced to flawlessly accept TD's AIRFLEX™ Field knee pads.

Incredibly roomy 10-pocket configuration for easy access that you loved from our G3 Vietnam Tigerstripe has been implemented here so that the gear you need, when you need it, will always be right at hand. The Crye Tigerstripe Field pant showcases advanced fabric technology by using Mil-Pec 50/50 NYCO ripstop with sturdy 4-way stretch woven accents and a zip fly. All materials that have been used in this rugged field pant are 100% made in the United States from United States materials.

The Crye Precision X TD Desert Tigerstripe Field pant is a design tough enough to be adopted by major US Special Forces such as the SEALS, US Air Force PJ, and Army Special Forces Command, meaning you know these pants have been constructed with the utmost durability in mind. And that is not all. Some of the other features that make the new Crye Desert Tigerstripe Field pant remarkable:

  • Cargo pockets that can conceal an entire water bottle or your magazine stabilizer.
  • Dedicated knife and or light holder with extremely easy access to the pocket.
  • Exact attention to details when engineering to pair flawlessly to our AIRFLEX™ Combat Knee Pads (sold separately).
  • Rear zip pockets for added functionality and keeps items firmly secured.
  • Increased front thigh pockets for even more storage of must-have items.
  • Extended zip fly.
  • Specially created no-snag button closure.

When we say that we believe in providing the absolute highest quality gear that keeps our Military, LEO, Special Forces, and civilian family safe, you know that TD means it. It is our honor and duty to provide for you the gear and items you need to give you the best performance edge as well as keeping you safe. We are proud to offer the Crye Precision X TD Desert Tigerstripe as part of our commitment to always innovate, improve, and go above and beyond for each of you.

With TD, you will never have to worry about your uniform letting you down. Shop the Crye Precision collection from Tactical Distributors to find your next pair of tactical pants!