Whether you are a professional LEO or military personnel, an outdoor enthusiast, or just someone with an appreciation for always being prepared for whatever life brings your way there are certain items you take with you everywhere. These every day carry items, or EDC items, go wherever you go and help to make life easier. How do you know what items are that essential to you? With our EDC buying guide, we go over the 5 basic items that most people choose for their kit.

1. Knives

Let’s start our EDC buying guide with one of the biggest tactical essentials. This is one of the easiest ways to be prepared for anything. From self-defense to cutting your way through all sorts of things, knives are a basic part of any EDC kit for a tactical, military, or outdoor enthusiast. When looking for this item, there are tons of options on the market to choose from. The key is to select a size that works for your everyday life. You also need to be aware that certain blades over a certain length are considered in need of a permit. If a blade is intended for utility purposes and is less than 3 inches long, you are usually fine, but anything larger than that or strictly for self-defense alone, you will want to check with weapon carrying permits in your state first.

2. Tools and Gadgets

One of the best EDC tips is that if the item isn’t useful to you every single day, you don’t really need it in your kit. When we talk about tools and gadgets, we mean only the essentials that you actually use. For example, most EDC items include essentials such as cell phones, multitools similar to Swiss Army knives, water bottle, wiring utensils and notepads, flashlights, and other tools needed to get through your day. The key is to find only the tools and gadgets you will actually use otherwise they are just a waste of time and carrying space.

3. Carrying Solutions

Speaking of carrying space, one of the best EDC tips is to think of how you will carry anything you add to your kit. This means you will need a way to carry all the essentials with ease and organization. Most EDC kits include options such as wallets, pouches, or backpacks to house these items. While some items can be carried just in your pocket, there are others, such as flashlights, gloves, and eyewear, which will need to be stored somewhere when not in use. A pouch is a great choice for these smaller items.

4. Watches

When it comes to EDC items, a watch is vital. With the new advancements in technology in this industry, watches have a come a long way in their usefulness beyond the basic function of telling the time. Watches can now host a whole world of functions such as GPS tracking, weather alerts, health monitoring features, and more. When choosing this item, make sure you consider the environment and activities you will be performing when wearing the watch. For instance, if you are going on a mission or into a tactical situation, you will want a watch that is built with shatterproof glass, water resistance, and other means of durability to ensure it can keep up with your lifestyle without cracking under pressure.

5. Gloves

Another element most people have in their EDC kit is gloves. This item is important for a few reasons. If you’re a professional, they can help you during shooting, help with grip, and protect your hands from damage. For others, gloves are more about keeping warm depending on the location. It is important to have gloves in your kit for whatever reason best suits your situation.