Whether you are an armed professional or a citizen pro-active in your safety, low-visibility personal protection is an essential tool for you.

Black Triangle provides citizens and security professionals with low-visibility personal protection assets that are the perfect solution when traveling domestically and abroad and in semi- or non—permissive environments. The company's core leadership is founded and headed by a Veteran of the Global War on Terror. His experiences gained in Iraq and Afghanistan have translated into working as a private citizen providing Executive Protection for foreign dignitaries, high-net-worth individuals, and their families. These combined experiences gained within domestic and international scenarios have led to the development of Black Triangle. It was recognized there were capability gaps for citizens and highly trained professionals to protect themselves and their security while traveling.

Black Triangle sought to address these gaps and provide premium tier solutions in an effective and straightforward way

Black Triangle G10 Daggers and products are so effective, and they are currently in use across the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Their innovative flagship product is their non-metallic defensive tool called The Midnight Creeper. From that cutting-edge innovation was born a line of G10 daggers, a fiberglass composite material perfect for low-visibility. This non-metallic system allows users to carry with confidence in environments where non-invasive security measures prohibit using a firearm or steel knife, allowing for covert missions or covert self-defense when needed most.

What is a G10 Training Dagger?

G10 Training Daggers are non-offensive blades with blunted tips, the best starting point when learning how to defend yourself with a knife without worrying about injuring yourself or others. G10 Training daggers are fantastic for learning how to use the real thing, as the training daggers are flawlessly weight balanced to mimic the same weight as a genuine G10 Dagger for ease of transition from training to real when ready.

G10 Training Daggers are sold individually and flawlessly shaped and created to be the exact replicas of Black Triangle's best-selling knives. Choose from the MK1, MK2, MK2M3, the Donovan, or the SERVAL 7 to begin your journey in self-defense.

Black Triangle G10 As a Fighting Weapon

How do you fight or protect yourself and those most important to you if you can't carry or have no access to a firearm? A utility knife wasn't meant for potential combat and self-defense, and the G10 Daggers were designed to withstand dangerous situations. These aren't swiss army knives. These are the daggers you turn to when you know that anything can happen and that you won't be caught unprepared.

When you can't use firearms, you need a bladed weapon, the perfect solution for close-quarter combat. Black Triangle's G10 Daggers are some of the most effective fighting weapons for several reasons. Just a few of them are:

  • A dagger is a fixed blade, creating a weapon of immense strength, versatility, and reliability. Made of G10 material, it is a durable blade and can last longer than your typical steel blade. A G10 dagger can withstand extreme weather conditions, unlike a steel blade, including prolonged exposure to salt or chlorine water. How intense is the weather a G10 can face? A G10 edge was recorded being used without discomfort for the user in temperatures of -45 degrees Celsius.
  • With its deadly tip, a G10 can produce destructive results. These daggers were created to be a stabbing weapon and allow you to penetrate more profoundly than you'd expect.
  • G10 daggers are not just offensive weapons but also great weapons for defense. During an unexpected fight, surviving an opponent's attacks with a substantial block is possible. An attacker may not expect you to be carrying anything you can defend yourself with; having a G10 dagger as a lightweight secondary weapon is easy to use and could grant you the upper hand in a fight.
Why You Need a Low-Visibility Dagger

If you're out of options or you can't get to a firearm, G10 daggers can be carried discreetly and employed in seconds. A G10 was created to be carried everywhere, including states or countries with restrictive rules on guns. Some states, situations, areas, and countries can be quite dangerous to travelers. The ability to carry a gun is entirely out of the question—while regular metal knives are often spotted and confiscated.

The G10's sleek variety of designs and completely non-metallic materials allows you to conceal-carry easier than ever. With such lightweight performance and a variety of sizes and options, a G10 dagger or letter-opener can be worn on your belt, in your gear, tucked into an inside pocket, on the waistband with an IWB loop, around your neck, in your boot, pocket or just about anywhere else.

What Makes Black Triangle G10 Daggers Unique

Not all G10 daggers have an edge. A few of the G10s do, but you'll note a majority of them, like the PCTL, the SERVAL, and other G10 tools, were specifically designed to be point-driven. They aren't specifically designed for cutting. In essence, these are meant to be quick, fast, and play dirty when protection and speed are necessary.

What makes the Black Triangle G10 dagger genuinely unique is its patented, non-metallic design. G-10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material. It's created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, then soaking it in epoxy resin, where it is then compressed under heat until the epoxy cures, and a durable, rugged weapon is created.

G-10 is a highly sought-after material for its high strength, low moisture absorption, high level of electrical insulation, and chemical resistance. These properties are maintained not only at room temperature but under extreme humid and moist conditions, meaning a G10 dagger doesn't fall prey to the usual problems a metal knife would.

How to Sharpen a G10 Dagger

Most G10 tools weren't meant to have an edge. Any edges that are on our tools are at the tip or at the incidental and have been freehand-ground there by an expert. G10's should not need any additional sharpening. However, you can, if you feel you must. Should you try and sharpen a G10 to create an edge in a place there wasn't one—you'll know it won't hold after several passes. You are encouraged to modify it as you see if you must, but are also reminded and cautioned that the risk of compromising the structural integrity of a G10 dagger is a real consequence of trying to sharpen it yourself.