No matter how safe you are and the different precautions that are taken, you may still wind up in a horrible situation where you are restrained by a captor with zip ties. While we certainly never hope this happens to any of our readers, we do believe in being prepared for anything, which is why we have information on how to get out of zip ties.

Knowing how to get out of zip ties could give you enough of an advantage for you to get out of a sticky situation and get help. We have step by step tips to help you escape. There are several methods to do so, but in case you are checked for tools, we have gone with the method that does not need any tools, and just requires your forward thinking.

  1. Remain passive. Offer your hands willingly, that way you can choose how they are zip-tied together, which will help you when it comes time to escape.
  2. When your captors leave you alone for a few minutes, act quickly. With your wrists facing each other, use your teeth to tighten the zip ties as much as possible, ensuring the locking mechanism is between your wrists. Lift your hands up above your head, and bring them down quickly into your stomach. Allow your elbows to flare out and try to touch your shoulder blades to one another. The locking mechanism is the weakest point on those, and this motion should allow you to break them. You may need to do this a couple of times, but it is one of the better ways to escape.
  3. Another option is to present your hands palms down with fists clenched. When they tighten the zip ties and leave you, you can unclench your hands, turn your wrists inward, and wriggle out. If you can get your thumb out first, you will be good.

While these escape methods are not pain-free, they are certainly better than the other option, which is to remain held captive and at the will of your kidnapper. The best way to be prepared for any situation is to practice. Give yourself a couple of practice runs to make sure you understand the method that works best for you, and that you can easily escape from the zip ties.