There are many aspects to survival training. In any situation, you never know when you will need to restrain something, whether it be an animal, an attacker, your boat or even a hammock. No matter what it is, knowing how to tie a restraint knot is beneficial information, even if you don't have an adventure planned currently.

How to tie a restraint knot could come in handy, especially if you are an avid boater. We give step by step instructions on how to tie this quick-release knot.

  1. Make a loop by doubling the line back onto itself
  2. Run tag end back toward loop and lay over the doubled lines
  3. Make one or two turns with the tag end around doubled lines and through new loop created

While this seems fairly simple, we do suggest practicing tying it several times before heading out and needing it. Practice makes perfect, and this is a knot that you need to know how to do in a variety of situations. Until you feel comfortable, without any instructions, we suggest practicing to ensure you know the steps.