His name was Robert Bowman. Sgt. Maj. Robert Bowman was an Army Ranger assigned to a Recon platoon and deployed to Mosul, Iraq, in 2004 for 12 months as part of OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). He operated under the call sign HUNTER-7. In 2007, Bowman returned to Iraq to serve for another 15 months and support the surge around Baghdad. He was liked and well respected by his fellow Rangers.

Like many soldiers, Bowman began to experience unexplained health issues after returning home. The symptoms were flulike, and he failed during a physical for his next assignment. Soon after, he was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma and an extremely rare form of bile duct cancer. At just 44 years old, Bowman succumbed to his illness on January 13th, 2013.
Former Army medic Chelsey Poisson and her then-boyfriend, Kyle Simoni, had served with Bowman in Iraq. This led to Poisson discovering that Bowman was one of five other soldiers within his platoon who died—not during deployment—but after they returned home. She also found at least fifteen others from the same platoon experiencing and suffering from many health issues such as Crohn's disease, endocrine problems, tumors, vitamin D deficiencies, sleep apnea, and more.

These unsettling discoveries motivated Poisson and Simoni to organize a group of volunteer veterans to raise awareness and offer solutions to other veterans affected by toxic exposures. Their group became known as the HunterSeven Foundation, in honor of the late Bowman.

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What the HunterSeven Foundation Does

HunterSeven Foundation was created to research and educate veterans and the public alike on the impact of military exposures and how they affect service members' and veterans' health. HunterSeven provides much-needed information for veterans and service members at heightened risk to empower men and women to advocate for themselves and work with medical providers to identify diseases in their earliest stages, before symptoms appear. HunterSeven understands the total cost of care and is often able to assist in later stages of diagnosis, whether chronic illness or terminal cancer—ranging from tertiary medical treatments at specialized clinics to transportation to survivor support, even hospice care and medical equipment.

  • Immediate Needs Program - HunterSeven's most funded program helps veterans get diagnostic imaging, screening, and assessments they need, as well as at-home medical supplies. Veterans and their families are far too often left to their own resources to acquire and subsequently cover the cost of specialized care. Navigating treatment options, insurance confusion, or co-payments by themselves can be an overwhelming and stressful task. That's where HunterSeven steps in with their Immediate Needs Program, so families can give more of their time to health and healing.
  • Research and Education - HunterSeven reviews and collects science-backed, evidence-based medical research to help veterans use it to improve their lives. We help veterans focus on secondary prevention rather than late-stage, allowing families and service members to have the information they need to take action and advocate for their health with support.
  • Marketing and Awareness - Did you know that 97% of post 9/11 veterans have admitted to being present around airborne hazards and toxins while employed? Did you also know that veterans and active service members still do not understand the significance and the potentially harmful risks that can result in being exposed? This is what HunterSeven was created for—to educate the men and women that fight through social media campaigns, written materials, handouts, seminars, and more.

Why It Is Critical Veterans Learn How to Identify Disease Before Signs and Symptoms

The earlier detection of disease can lead to better recovery or prolonged survival with early intervention. For many conditions, it's essential to consult a doctor as soon as any first signs or symptoms appear, as many diseases might progress insidiously for many years. When diagnosed at an early stage, cancer can more likely be treated successfully when it isn't too large or hasn't spread. This is one of the many reasons HunterSeven believes so strongly in empowering veterans and those who serve. HunterSeven believes and is committed to the idea that knowledge is power and information is liberating. By sharing knowledge, they save veterans across the country and shape the building blocks for future generations.

Why It's Important to Us at TD to Support HunterSeven

HunterSeven provides essential information to many men and women currently serving and veterans. This type of support is much-needed and should be granted to every service member. At Tactical Distributors, we aren't just passionate about what we do, we're also committed to improving the lives of each of our customers—men and women around the country that continue to fight for the country they believe in.

HunterSeven offers in-depth knowledge, including an interactive heat map for veterans to find information on exposures related to specific combat operations, countries, and military bases. Additionally, the map includes location risk factors and top health complaints.

Along with this invaluable tool, HunterSeven has free, downloadable informational health sheets for:

    • Brain health
    • Cancer screen chart
    • Hormones
    • Lymphoma
    • Moral Injury
    • Sleep
    • Stress
    • Toxic Exposure
    • VA Caregiver Support Program

And perhaps the greatest asset of all? Assistance where it is needed most when it comes to veteran health, wherein the system often fails them. With teams of licensed providers, grassroots donors, veteran-owned companies, active participation in proactive wellness, medical care, recovery, and caregiver support, it simply makes sense to support HunterSeven in all that they do. Keep an eye out for HunterSevens' fantastic symposiums featuring health experts, veterans, and clinical researchers to help educate families and service members on health issues.

Join us in dedicating your support to further research, further education, and the improvement of warfighter health. Please visit the HunterSeven Foundation donation page to contribute to changing the lives of veterans for the better. TD wishes to give our heartfelt thanks to the HunterSeven Foundation and hopes that we can continue to thank those who served and continue to serve by supporting veterans when and where they need it most.