The range is a great place to hone your skills and work on marksmanship. Whether for skill building or just blowing off some steam for fun, the range is only as worthwhile as the gear you bring with you. Let’s take a look at the best items for your range box.

1. Headphones or earplugs

One of the most important items for your range box is a good pair of headphones or at the very least earplugs. There is no denying that guns are loud when you fire them, and we all know the toll it can take on the ears. While it is uncomfortable to hear a gun that close without ear protection, it is also putting you at risk for long-term hearing loss so make sure you bring headphones or earplugs.

2. Extra rounds

This is one of the more obvious items for your range box. If you have ever tried shooting at a range where they sell ammo, you will be glad you brought your own backup ammo. If you are forced into buying whatever ammo they have on hand at the range, you might end up paying more than you would shopping elsewhere for a better deal.

3. Cleaning rod

A cleaning rod should be an essential in any range box. A jammed-up firearm is pretty much useless when it comes to range time so having this item on hand allows you to quickly and easily remedy the problem.

4. Gun oil

Another essential you should carry on you in your box is gun oil. A lubricating oil for your firearm ensures you aren’t firing a dry gun. You want to make sure your gun is oiled and ready to go when it’s time for range day and having it on hand is great for times when you might have forgotten to follow some basic gun care prior to heading to the range.

5. Multitool

A multitool is great to have on hand in any situation but at the range you can use it in a variety of ways. From using the knife to open a new box of ammo to using the screwdriver to adjust the hardware on your scope or firearm, this tool is always a good addition to a range box.

6. Basic first aid

While you probably aren’t going to carry a trauma kit with you to the range, you need to have a few basic first aid essentials in your bag. It is always a good idea to have bandages and gauze in your bag in case of smaller injuries which may, unfortunately, occur when working with firearms.