EDC can be for several different items, even if the most common one that people think of is related to a firearm. However, another common EDC item is a folding knife or pocket knife. These can easily be concealed, and they also can be used for a variety of things, from self-defense to opening boxes to fixing things. Because of their versatility, many people feel that carrying a knife is a must-have, and they can’t imagine life any other way. For those who are wondering about the process of picking the perfect folding knife, we’ve got you covered. We go in-depth on everything you need to look for and consider before purchasing.

Picking the perfect folding knife is easier than you think, especially when you take into consideration the important factors and put a little thought into it.

  • How will you use your knife? Odds are, you are looking for a folding knife because you need it for something. At what point did you decide this? Did you decide this at work, when you found having a knife would be beneficial or was it while you were camping and realized you needed an option that would work for cutting rope, twigs, and other items? Folding knives come in a variety of forms, so the first step is narrowing down what it will be used for. You’ll need a smaller knife blade for more delicate tasks, while you will want something more sturdy if you need it for cutting or chopping.
  • How will you carry it? Is it going to be in your front pocket or do you often wear cargo shorts with several different pockets to choose from? If it’s going in your front jeans pocket, you’ll likely want an option that has a pocket clip, for ease of carrying, whereas if it’s going in another pocket, you may not need it to have a clip, as it’ll just slip into the pocket and rest there until it’s needed.
  • What style do you want? There are generally two types, classic and tactical. Classic are less likely to have a pocket clip, may not lock, and generally require two hands to open. Tactical on the other hand, are one-hand open, feature a blade lock, and likely will have a pocket clip so you never have to dig around for your knife in a time of need. Once you determine which type you need, you can easily figure out the other details to follow.
  • Blade size. Do you need a larger blade or will something smaller work? Depending on where you wish to carry, you may have several restrictions as far as how large a knife you are allowed to carry on property, or even in the city. Certain cities have legal restrictions regarding knife size, so make sure you check that for where you live and work, and ensure you are following all guidelines. Anything smaller is generally legal in most places, and these would be more of a Swiss Army knife, made for intricate tasks, and not likely to be used for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Number of blades. If you choose a knife with a larger blade size, you are less likely to have multiple blades in the same knife, which is not a bad thing. While Swiss Army knives can be very useful for a variety of small tasks, if you have a specific need in mind, it may not be as beneficial as a one blade knife may be that was specifically designed for that particular task.
  • Edge type. Again, this will go back to how you are needing to use your knife. You’ll generally need a serrated edge for pull cuts or items like wood that may need a bit of sawing to get through. A plain edge is good for cutting softer items, and slicing, so think slicing fruit or whittling. Finally, a combination blade has some areas serrated toward the handle, and is more straight edge near the tip. You may find a combination blade is more convenient for your needs.
  • Price. This is last, but certainly not least. Depending on what you need the knife for, you may want to save money and go with an option that costs less or you may decide to go the other way, and spend several hundred dollars on a knife that will be used every day.

Picking the perfect folding knife isn’t necessarily an easy task, but it certainly is easier when you know where to start and what to look for in your options. "