Whether you are attending a large outdoor concert or even just heading to a crowded mall for some holiday shopping, there are some definite safety concerns. We've seen how dangerous a simple situation like that can become, but we have some tips for safety at large events, so you can be prepared. We don't know what every day is going to hold for us, but we can do our best to be prepared for any situation.

Safety at large events is of the utmost importance, as panic can spread rapidly, and you'll need to have a level-head to get you and your family out of a dangerous situation safely.

  • Find your exits. Whether you are at a movie premiere or an outdoor concert, know where your closest exits are at all times. If chaos breaks out, you need to get yourself out and at a safe meeting zone as soon as possible, which means knowing exactly where to go. Know several exits, in case some are blocked off.
  • Have a meeting place set. If you are attending a large event with a group, it is possible you could become separated during the event, so make sure that you have a set meeting place in case of emergency or even just at the end. This will ensure that everyone knows where to go after the event, and where to head towards in case of emergency. Cell phone lines may become unreliable, so this is a great way to ensure that everyone will know where to go. Once you have chosen your meeting place, don't change it, and give ample time to get there from all areas of the venue.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. You're going to be surrounded by a lot of people, and while there may have been checkpoints in place before entering, you should still notice any abnormal behavior from those around you. If you see something that isn't right, report it or leave the event.
  • Look for security checkpoints. Generally, any large event should have security before you enter the venue, but if it does not and there are large amounts of people pooling in, you may want to reconsider attendance, as safety is not a top priority to the vendors.

The main thing regarding safety at large events is knowing your exits, paying attention, and listening to your gut. If you see something, say something, in these times, it's better to be safe than sorry, and police will appreciate investigating a false alarm rather than having violence break out at an event with no notice.