Avoid a Carjacking

From the time we began driving, we've heard the horror stories of people losing their vehicles to carjackers. A carjacking occurs when someone takes your car by force, whether that be at gun point or another type of deadly weapon. They can occur for a number of reasons, like gang initiations, drug habits, or trying to gain another car for a chop shop. These incidents could result in serious injury or even death. While we can't always determine when it will happen, we can stay prepared for the one time that it does. There are a number of things you can do, so we've rounded up some effective tips to avoid a carjacking.

Keeping a Full Tank

This is the most important tip we've got since a full tank will keep you on the move, which is what we want. Carjackers seize the opportunity in areas where you're alone, like rest stops and gas stations. With a full tank of gas and a solid plan to get to your destination, you'll be much better off. If you do need to stop, however, hold out for large populated gas station like Sheetz. This is especially ideal when you believe someone might be tailing you. Park near the entrance of an open business to see if they move on; if they don't, call the police.

Stay Aware

In a time where many of us use our spare minutes peering into our phones, carjackers see this as a window of time to pull off their heist. Situational awareness, in and out of the car, will keep you informed on everything going on around your car. When entering or exiting your vehicle, walk with purpose. If you're headed off to the gym or the store later in the evenings, park in a well-lit area near the entrance away from wooded places and dumpsters. This awareness also involves you mindfully storing your possessions. If you plan to keep anything of value in the car, hide it out of sight beneath a seat or tucked inside the middle console. Carjackers could easily bust out your windows if they believe you've got something worth money in your vehicle.

Mindful Interaction

Carjackers prey upon the kindhearted by pretending to need assistance. They'll flash their hazards, seat themselves on the roadside, and pull off a great ploy. This has gotten countless good samaritans abducted, injured, and killed. While it may feel strange to avoid helping a young man or woman who appears to be broken down, it's far better to note the location and call the police. By doing this, you're helping them much more if they truly need a lift. Carjackers will also attempt to bump your car in hopes you pull off to the side of the road to see the damage. If something doesn't feel right, do not exit your vehicle and try to quickly note the make and model of the car that bumped you. This way, you can explain what happened to the police and offer information for them to look out for.

Know When to Back Down

If you're being carjacked and the assailant has a weapon, back down. You may want to fight back and teach this person a lesson they'll never forget, but that will put you in immediate danger. The pride may hurt to swallow, but you more than likely have a lot more at stake than your vehicle. Give up your keys and, in the mix of it all, try to catalogue the person's appearance. Any distinct features will help guide the police to the carjacker, and hopefully, your car.

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