Whether you are a tactical professional or an outdoors type, the right hacks can make life easier to manage. Here are three of the most commonly used tactical hacks for your next adventure to make the most of the situation.

Water Jug Light

One of the easiest and most effective tactical hacks is the water jug light. If you have a water jug or even a gallon of milk that is empty and cleaned out, along with your headlamp, you can easily create this hack. Simply fill the bottle with water and slip the headlamp over the bottle so it sits at the middle for the best results and the lamp sits pressed up against the bottle surface. This will help to make the light spread more powerful and creates a better illumination overall.

Make Do Shower

When you are out in the outdoors, the matter of hygiene can't be overlooked. When you need to get clean, we have a solution. This is one of those tactical hacks that requires a few tools to be on hand. You will need a 5-gallon water jug or can, a watering can nozzle, paracord, and a ¾ inch female connector thread for the hose. To create the make do shower, simply connect the watering can nozzle to the 5-gallon water jug or can. The next step is to tie paracord around the can handle and base to create the hanging mechanism. Once that is done, you can hang the can from a tree branch, so the water comes out freely for a makeshift shower.

Refresh Velcro

Many tactical and outdoor products use Velcro as part of their design. This is a great way to keep things secure and Velcro lasts for years of use. While it is long lasting and certainly important, Velcro can start to get that fuzzy surface after a lot of use that makes it less effective and sturdy. There is a simple tactical hack to remedy the problem. Using either a razor or a knife, you can simply scrape the surface of the Velcro in a quick short movement. This will remove the top layer of fuzz and reveal only the viable Velcro underneath, so you get a better hold.