tactical pants

There are parts of your uniform that can make or break your ability to perform at your full capacity. When it comes to tactical pants, this is an item that has to meet your exact and personalized needs to be worth it. Let’s take a closer look at this matter with our tactical pants guide.

When it comes to tactical pants shopping tips, the first and most important is to understand the different types offered. We offer two different types of pants to meet your needs. The two main options we offer are combat pants and EDC pants. Combat pants are intended for military and LEO professionals whereas EDC pants are for every day carry, undercover, or civilian use. Here’s what you need to know about both, as well as a few recommendations for products.


The first category is combat pants. These are pants designed and manufactured for use by military and law enforcement professionals. They are designed to meet certain requirements to ensure you are always ready to get the job done. The first thing that sets this group of pants apart, as well as being the first thing you should look at, is the material. The material is usually made of high quality and even patented blends to ensure the best in durability to last through years of rugged use. The material will also be designed to provide adequate stretch where you need it most such as the knees and seat of the pants. Another feature of this type of pants is that it will have multiple pockets to keep you organized on the go which is crucial for professionals. Pockets should be deep and even offer Velcro or zippered enclosures if possible for the best outcome. Of course, we can’t talk about a tactical pants guide without talking about the appearance. You want combat pants to match your uniform. There are many options available that are manufactured by contractors working within the regulations of the armed forces branches and local LEO officials to make sure you get great apparel that meets the guidelines of uniform standards. From camo colors in desert tones to all black for stealth missions and LEO needs, the appearance is important to make sure you look polished and represent your profession with pride.

While we offer several types of combat pants, we have a few that stand out as top performers. Since one of our best tactical pants shopping tips is to find quality manufacturers with a solid reputation of creating the best products, we would be amiss if we didn’t highlight a few great options in our buying guide.

EDC/ Covert

When you aren’t a professional or military personnel, everyday carry or covert pants are your best bet. Designed to be less noticeable than standard tactical pants which are more on the professional side, these every day wear pants are the perfect way to conceal your weapon and gear when you need to be covert for undercover reasons as an LEO or as a civilian exercising their right to carry. What sets these pants apart is that they have specially designed pockets to help you stay covert. For example, while pockets on tactical pants can be big and bulky, EDC pants have slimmer pockets to carry just the basics such as an extra magazine or other small tactical necessities. They are designed to look casual while offering a way to carry essential tactical gear. One of the most common options for covert pants is the Stand Your Ground jeans. These are designed to look just like a regular pair of jeans with a stylish wash. Made with multiple slim pockets designed specifically for holding a variety of magazines, knives, and other tactical gear, these pants are made with pockets positioned for easy access for both left-handed and right-handed shooters to access their gear.

When looking for any type of covert pants, the key is to find options that are casual in appearance yet designed to be high performing for your unique needs. There are several options designed with this purpose in mind.