Whether you are a tactical professional or just a citizen interested in staying ready for anything life throws your way, having the right tools on hand can make a big difference. Here are the top three types of tactical tools you should have in your arsenal.


When looking at tactical tools, the good news is that there are several products which encompass several functions in one convenient tool. The most classic example of this can be seen in the Swiss Army knife which has several different tools in one, such as a knife, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener. This is the standard tool you should have on hand since it has everything you need. A multitool can also be a tactical tool with only picks or screwdrivers of all different sizes and shapes. There are also multitools which feature pliers of several different sizes all on one tool for added function when you need it. These tools are great for hunting or camping, as well as just everyday use.


Another of the most important tactical tools are flashlights. A flashlight is great for any situation where visibility becomes limited due to darkness. The great thing about flashlights is that they are one of the most varied items on the market. From headlamps for hands-free light to keychain lights for easy access, there are a lot of flashlight choices to meet any imaginable need. Whether looking for a professional grade flashlight or a pocket light for everyday carry, this is one item that gives lots of choices. A good tip for this area of tactical tools is to choose LED flashlights since it will offer brighter illumination and last longer than other flashlight types.

Self Defense Tools

The matter of self-defense isn’t one to be taken lightly. With the right tools for this aspect of life, you can be ready when the time comes and get out unharmed. There are several popular choices for self-defense tools. Whether looking for a pepper spray keychain, a loud alarm, or a small knife, there are several ways to protect yourself with the right tools. Many of these tools are designed to be discreet so you still have the element of surprise against your attacker. Whether a pocket tool or a keychain, having a secret weapon ready to go is a smart tool to have on hand.