2. Must have a TD Customer Account (MUST BE DONE ON THE SITE)
  3. Subscribe to TD's Email & SMS (will be added via the lotto application)
  4. Follow us on Instagram @tactical_distributors (beware of fake accts)
  5. Entry ends on Sunday 4.3.22 11:59PM (Midnight) EASTERN STANDARD TIME 
  6. Contact the lucky TD Lotto winners with instructions via EMAIL Monday 4.4-4.5.22 
  7. Make sure Lotto@TacticalDistributors.com is marked as safe in your email, or check your JUNK folder on Monday. (Outlook test went to JUNK) 
  8. WINNERS will receive an email with an invoice for the exact pair available to you. There is no other inventory.  The size & style on your invoice is the pair you have been designated. Upon completing your purchase by paying your invoice, your order will process as normal. You will receive normal order notifications from that point on. 
  9. Each invoice will expire in 24hrs if the purchase is not completed. All expired invoices will be redistributed to new lotto winners the following day.
  10. Payment & shipping address must be confirmed before we process any order. 

By entering you are not guaranteed any product. If selected, you are not guaranteed your preferences (size or style). You may be offered a random size/style based on available inventory. We aim to accommodate to the best of our ability within these tight parameters, of extremely limited quantities & wildly high demand. 

We are excited to provide YOU with the chance to obtain a very sought after exclusive piece to add to your collection. We hope to continue to grow this program & serve up the most unique gear on market, that you can only find at HERE, at Tactical Distributors.

This is our 1st Lotto Drop & we have worked long (over 4 years) & hard to organize & facilitate this offer. Bare with us as we roll with the punches, hopefully there will be slim to no hang ups. 

In this high-stakes game of clout, drip & ego there are no participation trophies. Win/lose, be cool & play nice w/ our team.  If not, we will not tolerate any additional unnecessary stress, will simply move on to the next one. Unfortunately, this needs to be said based our past drop experiences. We are all adult(ish) human beings working towards the same goal, we care just as much as you. Come correct & keep calm.

Press your luck🤞BIG MONEY! NO WHAMMIES!

With Love,

❤️ The TD Fam