When it comes to innovative materials designed with specific capabilities, the invention of Gore-Tex was a complete game changer. Designed for outdoor use, this innovative material can be seen in apparel for tactical professionals such as the armed forces and law enforcement, as well as for outdoor wearing for camping and hunting. Whether you are looking for more information of the Gore-Tex difference for work or play, there are a few things you need to know first.

What is Gore-Tex?

When looking at the Gore-Tex difference, it is important to understand what makes it different from other materials. This innovative material is specially designed to offer superior moisture protection and impeccable durability while still keeping you cool and comfortable. Created using a layering system that makes the material nearly indestructible against rips, tears, or other degradations, Gore-Tex is ideal for tactical professionals and outdoor fans alike when looking for a durable material that will last for years of use. Another great feature about Gore-Tex is that water literally rolls off the surface rather than being absorbed like other materials. This makes it a waterproof choice in apparel to keep you comfortable and dry in any situation or climate. While other materials are durable and waterproof resistant, they aren’t as versatile as this type of material.

Are there different types of Gore-Tex?

There are there different types of Gore-Tex. While they all feature the same inherent characteristics of this special material, there are a few differences that are worth considering. The first type of Gore-Tex is the standard one mentioned above. It is used for any type of apparel for both outdoor needs and tactical needs alike. The second type of Gore-Tex is called Gore-Tex Pro which is designed for maximum durability. These pieces of apparel are intended for extended use in the harshest of environments making them practically indestructible. These are the strongest of the Gore-Tex options. The third type of Gore-Tex is called Gore-Tex Active. This type offers the same durability and waterproof abilities of standard Gore-Tex but it focuses on providing extra breathability and lightweight construction since it is intended for active endeavors where you might sweat a lot. The type of activity and environment will determine which type of Gore-Tex is best suited for your needs.