Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F)

As Americans, we want to revere the heroes that have served our country to protect our freedoms. We celebrate Memorial Day, commemorating men and women who have given their lives serving the United States. We observed Flag Day on June 14th, marking the official adoption of the U.S. flag, its history, and symbolic meaning, and to remember those who fought and continue to fight to protect it and the nation for which it stands. On July 4th, the country lights the skies with fireworks and celebrates the adoption of the First Continental Congress of the Declaration of Independence. And on November 11th, we stand in silence, hearts and minds with those who have gone and those that continue to fight.

And yet, we as a nation who claims to revere our heroes are still all-too-often allowing them to fend for themselves in our towns, communities, and streets. On a single night in January 2020, it was estimated that roughly 37,252 veterans were experiencing homelessness. (1) On February 1st, 2022, a study released by the University of Michigan has stated that the U.S. is failing to care for traumatic brain injury survivors (2). 56% of American veterans are dealing with an increased risk of mild traumatic brain injury, leading to Parkinson's disease within 12 years post-injury (3). From April 2020 to April 2021, the CDC reported that drug overdoses climbed nearly 29% higher than the previous year. (4)

What we Are Doing To Change Things

We at Tactical Distributors, in good conscience, cannot allow our veterans to fend for themselves and fall through the gaps any longer. We know that veterans risked their lives for you, me, and all of us somehow, and it's time we all make sure we do more for them.

In the spirit of helping the brothers and sisters that served, continue to serve, Tactical Distributors is proud to promote the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F).

The SOC-F Mission statement, "…to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan…" adopted from President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address in 1865 is a stark and timeless reminder that our veterans deserve so much more. The SOC-F strives to remain true to its mission by devoting its time and effort to provide the much-needed and much-deserved programs and financial aid our warriors need.

How The SOC-F Helps

MeRT SOC-F Program

MeRT treatments for brain injuries and PTSD - In many cases, PTSD manifests due to the disruption in the front of the brain. MeRT is an acronym that stands for Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy. It combines the power of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation that uses targeted magnetic pulses to treat mental illnesses) and other protocols to target specific areas of the brain with magnetic stimulation and electrical stimulation. And while it may sound intimidating, it is instead a very gentle procedure that is entirely non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug-free.

MeRT technology has been used to treat over 500 veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. Veterans within the Special Operations Community have begun to request this treatment due to promising results. Many patients that have undergone MeRT have reported a combination of improved quality of sleep, increased ability to manage stress, better concentration, focus, mood improvement, increased motivation, and clarity of thought.

This treatment, however, takes 30 days to complete. In addition to the cost of $30,000, there's roughly an additional $10,000 in travel and lodging expenses. The SOC-F seeks to provide assistance to veterans to cover the cost of MeRT treatments, which are sorely needed.

HBOT SOC-F Program

HBOT, or Medical/Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, is a recognized treatment for decompression sickness, also known as the bends, and can be helpful in specific wound management. But recently, HBOT has been linked to treatments of TBI, PTS, chronic pain, depression, nerve damage, and other ailments many veterans commonly suffer.

Generally, the cost of an HBOT regiment is roughly $6000 to $8000 for a series of forty dives and associated follow-up appointments, which in most cases is not covered by the Department of Defense benefits nor commercial insurances.

SOC-F works side by side with providers in Fayetteville, NC, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, to help fund these cutting-edge treatments of TBI and PTS along with their MeRT programs.

SOC-F Gold Star Camp Program

Gold Star Kids Camp seeks to help the children of U.S. armed forces members who have lost their lives in military activities. These ten-day wilderness based-camps are held at The Station Foundation's facility outside of Bozeman and are one of the most unique in the non-profit world. Gold Star Kids are paired with a service member who has served with the child's fallen parent, who volunteers as a mentor to give the child insight into their parent's life. Gold Star Kids camp also offers a wide variety of opportunities for these children to attend leadership training workshops and summer internships and receive ongoing counseling to assist the child in all aspects of their lives. The SOC-F believes in the long-term benefits and positive changes this unique program provides and works to cover the cost of roughly $50,000 to send ten children and ten adults to this amazing healing program as they believe it is well worth it.

The SOC-F also provides assistance with:
  • Intensive marriage counseling workshops help couples understand and deal with the aftermath of multiple combat deployments that can take a high toll on a SOF member's marriage.
  • The Station Foundation's RESTORE program, a reconnections camp, works with members of SOF and their children to help bridge a strained relationship due to the prolonged absence often required by SOF's missions.
  • Emergency financial assistance. Many contingencies are not covered by the Department of Defense or other sources. Therefore, the SOC-F seeks to step in and bridge that gap by providing funds for SOF members and families to cope with financial hardships.
  • Family Foundation Workshops. When SOF warriors transition from military duties to the civilian world, it is a unique and often stressful challenge. This week-long camp helps families recognize and understand the emotional dynamics at work when these warriors return home for good.
  • Addiction and related conditions treatment. SOF warriors deserve the best treatments available to them when they reach out for help with alcohol or drug use disorders. The SOC-F provides what the Department of Defense benefits most often won't cover while having proven records of good successes.

At Tactical Distributors, it is more than just the gear we're passionate about and providing our customers and veterans with the best equipment on the market today. It is about supporting our warriors in all aspects possible, including the respect and treatment they deserve for serving our country. It's time we do more than just thank our soldiers and SOF for their service, and TD is doing just that.

Won't you join us?

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