Ways to Disarm Someone with A Weapon

While no one ever wants to be in a situation where they are unarmed and have a weapon being brandished at them, it’s best to be prepared and know the different options that you have. While running away is always a potential, in some cases, knowing ways to disarm someone with a weapon will increase your chances of walking away from the situation. This is good knowledge if someone is pointing a gun at you, and you cannot get away without fear of being shot.

If you have assessed the situation and determined that disarming your attacker is the best solution, then we have some tips to help you do that. There are several ways to disarm someone with a weapon, but all are dangerous, and there is a risk that something could go wrong. Never underestimate someone who is holding a weapon on you.

1. The first method is taking the weapon from the criminal. In this case, a gun. The first step is to grab their arm at the wrist, and spin the gun away from you. Make sure you get the gun pointed away from you as soon as possible. Odds are they have their finger on the trigger, and can easily shoot you. Continue twisting the arm with the gun around you as you face away from where the attacker was positioned. Try your best to get your attacker on the ground, and remove the weapon from his hand, ensuring that at no point is the gun pointing at you. Don’t let go of the attacker, even when you have his weapon, he may attack you for it.

2. The second method is to redirect the line of fire, and make your escape. This will have to be done quickly, and you want to make sure that you make small movements at first, otherwise your sudden movements may make the attacker fire. Make small movements away, and then, at the last minute, redirect with your hand. Move the weapon to the right or left, or even up. While the attacker is off balance, run as fast as possible.

3. The final method is to throw him off. The first part of this is to act passive. Put your hands up, or whatever they order you to do, besides get in a vehicle. If they are trying to move you to a vehicle, enact your getaway plan immediately, once you are in the vehicle and moving, your odds of surviving drop drastically. With your hands up, wave them passively in his peripheral. This will help distract him from your next move which will be to turn around and punch or kick, while simultaneously grabbing and twisting the gun away from you and out of his hands. Rip the gun away, use both hands if necessary, but make sure it is pointing away from you. Take a few steps back, but keep the gun pointed at the criminal. You don’t want to have to fire the weapon, so scream, make noise, and draw attention. Odds are he will leave you alone, but make it clear that you will shoot if need be. That should be avoided at all costs, but life or death situations do come into play.

If you choose one of these ways to disarm someone with a weapon if you are ever in this situation, be aware of the self-defense laws of your state. Take classes, and know that cooperation is the best option. If you can cooperate and avoid a struggle, you will more likely come out alive. If you get a feeling that you will not walk out of this situation alive if you don’t fight, then find a method that works for you. Taking self-defense classes that teach you the proper grips and tricks to escaping this situation is also exceptionally beneficial. Hand to hand combat with someone holding a weapon is incredibly difficult, and unless you are specifically trained in that area, you should avoid at all costs.