Heat Wave XL Vector Z87+ Black Frame / Polar Black Lens

$ 130.00

A visual machine like no other: Powerful, versatile, unstoppable – The XL Vector is engineered by Heat Wave Visual for ultra dynamic performance in a Z87+ complete package.

The XL version encompasses the same principle behind our best-selling XL Vise, and applies that to the Vector right out of the gate. That means this version of the Vector is made specifically for our cranial endowed customers – being 10mm wider and 4mm taller makes it IDEAL for LARGE HEADS.

With the Vector you get a proven platform right out of the gate, utilizing the Future Tech’s proven foundation of parts and durable material composition. The Vector offers Heat Wave’s renown aesthetics with built in Z87+ protection for a package that is both form and function without sacrificing either for the other.

The Vector is unique in looks and fit – As it is designed to be our CLOSEST fitting, performance eye-wear to date, utilizing a completely redesigned Hytrel® nose piece and a forward tilting frame that enable them to sit further back on those nose, and effectively closing gaps on the cheeks. The extremely close fit on the Vector cuts penetrating light, reduces areas for debris to enter, and simultaneously pushes the side shields further back, escalating the field of view.

Light and Flexible: The minimal frame design not only makes the Vector the LIGHTEST XL Heat Wave frame to date at only 1.4 oz., but also enables them to have outward FLEX allowing them to be more adaptable, and comfortably fit around the head.

The Vector uses a replaceable (tool free) shatter resistant mass-impact rated 2mm thick cylindrical shield lens, that is visually broken in two with a louvered nose bridge that locks the lens in place. The rest of the frame is obscured from view behind the lens, where you will find two minimal lens clips protruding through the lens that further secure the lens to the frame’s side shields.

The Vector is finished with our proven performance arms, utilizing Hytrel® dual injected arms that grip into place, and allow the glasses to be worn comfortably all day long. Other benefits of this design include a fit that works better with head-wear, such as hats, helmets and ear-protection.


-Meets ANSI Z87+ mass impact requirements*
-Lightest XL frame to date at only 1.4 oz.
-Includes Microfiber bag
-Matte Black frames & metal inlay logos
-Fully Customizable
-No tools or hardware required for customization