Most of the people who shop with us at TD are buying their tactical apparel and gear for professional or recreational use. But over the past few years, we couldn’t help but notice how many pieces of tactical gear and accessories we have started to notice in the high fashion world. Today, it’s common to see tactical workwear, high-tech accessories, or sneakers and boots on the runway. This is a very interesting development, so we thought it would be fun to highlight a few instances where tactical pieces have been styled by celebrities or designers.

Rihanna in Salomon Trail Shoes

Most recently, Rihanna wore a pair of limited-edition red Salomon Speedcross Low X Maison Margiela MM6 trail shoes while performing at Super Bowl LVII. The shoes are a collaboration between the trail brand Salomon and the French luxury clothing design house Maison Margiela and were derived from Salomon’s signature Speedcross pattern. The Salomon Speedcross shoe has become geared more toward fashionwear, but it still features nods to the brand’s original roots in trail running. The pair that Rihanna wore features a built-in gaiter, which keeps water out of the upper. They also had 4 mm trail lugs, which offer plenty of grip and stability and probably came in handy when she was up on that floating platform. Since this was a huge performance that was broadcasted to a massive audience, we were inspired to start digging into other instances where tactical apparel has been used outside of its traditional purpose.

Celebrities and Combat Boots

One of the most common pieces of tactical apparel that has been adopted by the fashion world is the combat boot. The trend first became popular in the 90s but has continued to stay relevant today. There are many variations of combat boots, and some stray pretty far from the traditional kind that we’re most familiar with. However, most options still feature sturdy rubber soles, and supportive designs that offer stability and traction, so even fashion combat boots are usually a practical choice. Even today, many celebrities are sporting different versions of these boots. In December 2022, actress Kate Hudson wore a pair of tan combat boots with red laces, which were highlighted in an Instagram post. But some celebrities have been seen in more traditional-looking combat boots, too. Kylie Jenner was once photographed in Palladium Pampa Tactical II boots back in 2015, which made its way around social media. And we can’t forget to mention the infamous Dr. Martens – a boot that was originally used as a men’s military shoe, but is now worn on the runway and as street style by celebrities and civilians alike. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Olivia Rodrigo, and Megan Fox have all recently sported these tactical boots.

Tactical Gear In High Fashion: Alyx Chest Rig

Many variations of tactical gear and clothing have been seen on the runway – models will often wear bomber jackets, cargo pants, combat boots, and even military-esque harnesses while walking in shows. The Alyx Chest Rig is one of the best examples of the trend. This is a bag that’s modeled on the fully-functional harnesses that can be found in almost any military supply shop. The unit sits in the middle of the wearer’s chest, is made of premium nylon with Cordura straps, and features a single zippered pocket-pouch at the front. This is just one example of the many instances that tactical gear has been modified to work as a fashion piece.

Jesse Lewis