When it comes to your tactical gloves, chances are they take a beating throughout your adventures. Since these gloves are important in keeping your hands clean, dry, warm, and fully functional while adding a layer of protection, there is no denying you need to keep them in their best shape possible. Here are a few tips on how to clean your tactical gloves so you can make sure they last for years to come.

  1. Know your material

The first and best tip on how to clean your tactical gloves is to know what type of materials you are dealing with and then proceed accordingly. For example, the care needs of fabrics such as Gore-Tex and leather are different from one another so this is a big factor to consider. Once you know the type of material, you will have a better idea of how to wash the gloves.

  1. Check with the manufacturer for care instructions

If you are unsure of the material type of the best way to wash the gloves without losing any of the integrity or function, you can also check with the manufacturer for some suggestions. This will help give you a better idea of care instructions to ensure the best outcome. For instance, some gloves are washer safe while others are hand wash only and this is the kind of information the manufacturer can tell you. If you are unable to find the care instructions, this is where knowing the material comes in handy. Remember, when in doubt, always opt for hand wash over machine wash.

  1. Wash most gloves in cold water

While you may think hot water is the way to get out those tough stains, it is better to wash most gloves in cold water. Cold water is less likely to shrink the material or change the fit of the glove compared to hot water. Cold water washing is proven to help clothing last longer so it's just a smart idea to wash gloves in cold water over hot water.

  1. Avoid bleach or heavy-duty detergents

You should avoid bleach at all costs when it comes to washing your gloves. Not only is bleach known to zap gloves of color, it can even eat away at materials and leave holes. You should also stay away from heavy-duty detergents when cleaning your gloves. It is better to run them through the wash twice with a gentler detergent to safeguard their longevity than it is to run them through once with a heavy detergent and potentially damage them.

  1. Allow them to air dry

While there are some gloves with care instructions of tumble dry on low, most gloves are better suited to a good old fashioned air-drying method. You can simply hang them on a line outside or leave them in a sunny spot to dry. Remember to use care in particular with leather gloves as you wouldn't want to leave them in a hot, sunlit place for too long or you will end up with shrinkage affecting the way the glove fits.

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