Importance of Cleaning Your Weapon

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If you are the proud owner of a firearm, you should already know there is more to ownership than just hitting the range and safely securing it when you are done. There are a few reasons to revisit the importance of cleaning your weapon. Here are the top reasons you should regularly clean your firearm as part of responsible firearm ownership.


When looking at the importance of cleaning your weapon, safety is the biggest reason to keep a clean firearm. You want the firearm to fire the right way without any issues such as rust in the chamber or a buildup of old lubricant in the barrel. A dirty firearm is never a fully functional and safe firearm. It is important to clean your weapon regularly to ensure it performs the right way when you really need it, otherwise it won't do much for your safety.


Another reason to consider the importance of cleaning your weapon is the overall longevity factor of the firearm. A well-made firearm won't last for years – it will last for decades, even generations. When looking at antique firearms, you will find they are still capable of firing rounds because they were properly cared for over the years. To ensure the longevity of your firearm, you need to keep it clean and well-lubricated.

Helps You Learn Your Firearm

Even if you aren't a fanatic with a deep well of weapon-related knowledge, knowing the ins and outs of your own firearm is important. Whether you are a die-hard firearm lover or a more casual user, regularly cleaning your weapon will make sure you know the basics of your firearm which is always good knowledge to have as an owner.

Ensures Proper Lubrication

Poorly informed firearm owners may think more is better when it comes to lubrication, but the seasoned owner who regularly cleans their firearm knows better. If there is too much lubrication, you end up with crud and buildup that can get in the way of the internal movements of the firearm. If you don't have enough lubrication, you end up with some friction on the metal parts rubbing together as the firearm discharges and the parts slide back into place. There is a fine line between too much and not enough, and firearm owners who regularly clean their weapon have an easier time spotting the difference.

Spot Any Issues

Another reason to regularly clean your firearm is to spot any issues. If you just fire and reload without ever cleaning, you miss the opportunity to spot issues such as rust, worn down parts, or other signs of trouble. When you do clean your weapon, make sure you take the time to inspect all the parts before you reassemble. This is a good time to make sure your firearm is in the best possible shape so it will last a long time.


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