Just like any tool or weapon you may use in your daily life, it's important to take care of your knife, whether it is a smaller multi-use tool or a larger EDC knife. You wouldn't let any other tool or weapon just sit without being cleaned. When you carry a weapon like a gun, you make sure to clean it properly after shooting, as well as take it to the range to be shot regularly. The same goes for a knife, and it's important that no matter the use of the knife, it is taken care of properly. Our knife cleaning tips will help you make sure you're taking proper care of this tool.

Pocket Knife Cleaning Tips

  • Wear gloves. You'll want thick rubber gloves, this will help keep you from getting cut accidentally by the knife, as well as protect your skin from potential cleaning irritants.
  • Gather up dish detergent, WD-40, household oil, a soft sponge, a nylon pad, and a soft clean cloth.
  • Open the knife completely, including all attached utensils if your knife has any.
  • Scrub the knife blade and handle with dish detergent, with the blade pointing away from you.
  • Remove rust with WD-Allow it to sit for one minute, then scrub with your nylon pad until the rust disappears. Once done, rinse the knife off with water.
  • Dry the knife with a clean cloth and add a few drops of WD-40 or household oil to the knife blade, rub it in with another dry cloth until the knife is shiny and clean.
  • Do not leave your knife to sit in water, as this will cause it to rust.
  • Never put your knife in the dishwasher as the blade can get damaged during the washing cycle.
  • Use a toothpick to remove any lint or gunk that may have gotten in the handle.

These knife cleaning tips will help you be ready for anything. Having a knife on-hand is important for LEO, military, and civilians alike. Depending on your lifestyle, this knife may accompany you on camping trips among other adventures, and you'll need a tool you can rely on.

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