Here is the process of selecting a pistol range bag the works for your needs…

I have been shooting for years and invested in many different types of range bags. Based on trial and error, I found a good system that works for me in a variety of training situations.

What is your purpose?

I treat my gear like I do with my training. Purpose driven. I think through the different scenarios and gear I may need for evolving my training and skills. I have witnessed many guys roll their Large bags and cases through the range with everything they need to start a small war. I don’t do this. I focus on 1-2 pistols and a few training elements that I want to work on for that time period. Not to say that in certain situations you will need a large bag or case. When I take a 3-4 day class I have much more to carry but for the purpose of this article I will cover the needs for a pistol range bag for an afternoon of shooting. Just like when you are training, you have a purpose

First, ask yourself some questions that will lead you to the best type of bag for you.
Do you need to be discrete? If you are leaving an apartment building and you don’t want your neighbors to know you have weapons. You may need to take this bag to work before the range? There are many scenarios that could take place where you do not want an overt range bag.Is this for a weekend or 2-3 day class? Or are you just going to your local range for a few hours?

You can see where this is leading. I select my bags based on the activities and training I’m planning on executing.
For me I like to keep my gear organized and compartmentalized so when I need what I’m looking for I can find it right away. For this purpose I have selected a pouch system and the bags that I have purchased are adaptable to these Velcro pouches.Others may not be so anal. There are many range bag options for people who just want fixed compartments.

These are the contents of my Pistol Range Bag when going to the range for an afternoon of training-
Eye Pro 2 sets: tented and clear
Ear Pro
Extra batteries for my ear pro and weapon light
4-6 Mags
Gun Cleaning Kit
Snap Caps
Head Lamp
Gun and Mag holsters
Go Pro and Mounts
Multitool (Mulitasker)
Tourniquet and Med pouch with TCCC contents. 

todd My current bag is the Arc'terx LEAF Khard 30. I like this bag because it is very durable and have loop Velcro on the inside so that I can place my organization pouches from LBX Tactical that have clear windows and hook Velcro on the back. I have a variety of pouches with different contents. Some of the Pouches stay in my bag and other I interchange for other activities. Take for instance my Med pouch I move from my diving bag to my range bag. I have a small tool kit that I move as well.

The Khard 30 is nice because once I get to the range I can set it on the table and clam shell it open to have easy access to all of the contents. About a year ago I invested in this bag because I could use it for multiple purposes I prefer a back pack style bag but some like a shoulder sling bag. The Khard is my go to bag for EDC, travel and the range. The versatility allowed me to configure the bag for most situations.

The Vertx A Range Bag or B Range Bag is a great example of a shoulder sling style. Vertx spent a few years developing this bag. It has everything you need from Look for pouches, mag holders and Velcro holsters. It has removable ammo drawers so that you can take them to the firing line or use them to pick up spent brass. The A range bag also has a drop down panel that is used for an armors mat. There are other features that make this pistol range bag a great choice.

Another great less expensive range bag I have used in the past is the US Peace Keeper Medium range bag. It has a ton of features and function but will not hurt your wallet. The main compartment is spacious and comes with a padded pistol bag. I like this so you can lay you gun on the bench with tools and easily scoop it all up. On the side it has spandex slots for your weapon magazines. Both ends have zip storage pockets for your ear pro, eye pro and other shooting accessories. This is a shoulder sling bag or handle bag.

I hope that you find this article helpful when selecting a range bag. At the end of the day you just need something to contain you weapon, shooting accessories and ammunition. It is all preference and I’m sure you will evolve as your shooting evolves.

Jesse Curtis