Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Since they are designed to stabilize the rear of the rifle for long-range shooting, these bags carry heavy importance for gun handlers. They are a low-tech and affordable solution for a steady hold. Not only do they provide a balanced resting point for the stock, but they also save the operator from muscle fatigue. This ultimately allows for better, more precise and consistent shots over a longer stretch of time.

Size Small
  • These are most commonly used for rear support. They are very adaptable and can easily be molded into different shapes depending on the user's surroundings and what the rifle is mounted on.
  • These are often called barricade bags or support bags and are mainly used for positional shooting.
  • These are often referred to as pillows. They are mostly used for creative positioning, or when obstacles are involved.

When it comes to stability, the shape of the shooting bag is essential for what you are trying to accomplish. For example, many of the smaller rear bags come in the shape of a cylinder so that the user can reach different heights by either laying the bag down flat or standing it up on its side. As the bags increase in size, they generally become less flexible and tend to carry a more square shape.


Depending on the size of the bag, they can weigh anywhere from 1-6 pounds. It is important to recognize the weight of the model that you are interested in before your purchase, as you need to take into account that you will have to carry it along with the rest of your gear. The good news is that most shooting bags come with a lanyard, carabiner clip, or some other type of strap for easy attachment to a backpack or a belt.

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