While more compact carries may be easier to conceal, the 9mm is usually preferred because it has strong stopping power and noticeably less kick than a .40 or a .45 caliber. Another advantage of the 9mm over these calibers is that the bullets aren't as heavy and have a faster velocity. Additionally, it offers a higher magazine capacity and more affordable ammunition. The 9mm gives you more bullets, which will increase your chance of hitting your target in real time. The FBI has selected the 9mm caliber as its service weapon, proving that it is a superior EDC option as it fires faster shot strings and is a more accurate shot. The price range for this type of gun is usually anywhere around $400-$600.

SIG Sauer P365

Designed for EDC, the Sig P365 is a semi-automatic pistol that shoots a 9mm Luger. At an overall length of 5.8 inches, this gun is small enough to conceal while still retaining enough power to keep you feeling protected. It holds an 11-round capacity, has a safety switch, and features a sleek, slim frame.

G48 Black

Formed for comfort, the G48 offers compact-sized grip length and is optimal for concealed carry. It is chambered in 9mm and holds a 10-round magazine capacity. This GLOCK also features a built-in beaver tail, short trigger distance, and reversible magazine catch. It measures at a length of 6.85 inches, making it slightly larger than the P365.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

This 9mm is small enough to conceal, but still large enough to get your entire hand around the grip for more control. The M&P Shield is very lightweight and features a short trigger pull, a patented take-down lever, and deactivation systems which allow for disassembly without the possibility of pulling the trigger. It is 6.1 inches and holds a capacity of 7+1 and 8+1 sized magazines.

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