Having the right outdoor gear can make all the difference when it comes to partaking in outdoor activities. And recently, the Cordell Combat Tactical Pants in M81 Woodland camouflage have gained popularity among outdoor and tactical enthusiasts. But are these pants worth it? Well, we’re going to dive into the key aspects of these combat pants so you can make an informed decision before purchasing. We’ll cover the fit, style, and durability, as well as if the cost is worth it compared to the value you’re getting. Let’s get started!

Comfort and Fit

One of the first things you’ll notice when you put on a pair of Cordell Combat Pants is how extremely comfortable they are, which can be hard to find in a pair of tactical pants. They’re made with a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex, which offers a great balance between comfort and durability. The material is soft and breathable but also moisture-wicking, so they’re suitable for warm and cool weather conditions. As far as fit goes, the pants have an adjustable waistband and multiple belt loops, so they’re very customizable. The articulated knees and gusseted crotch also provide excellent mobility and flexibility, making these pants great for strenuous activities like running or hiking.

Design and Style

These tactical pants are designed with functionality in mind. They have multiple different pockets, including cargo pockets on each leg and reinforced kneecap insert pockets. The pockets offer ample storage space for essentials, whether that’s a multi-tool, phone, or a first-aid kit. The M81 Woodland camouflage pattern is a solid choice stylistically, blending well with various outdoor environments. The design also features adjustable straps behind the knees and at the ankles for securing the pants around boots or shoes if needed.


The TD Cordell Combat Pants M-81 Woodland are built to withstand tough outdoor conditions. The reinforced knees and seat combined with triple-stitched seams make these pants highly durable. They can handle rough terrain, crawling, and abrasion without showing signs of wear and tear. The fabric is also resistant to tears and punctures, so they’re reliable for a range of activities.

Cost and Value

The Cordell Combat Pants are reasonably priced at $149.99 considering all of the features they have to offer. While there are more affordable options on the market, you get what you pay for, and in this case, you’re paying for enhanced durability. This is especially important for outdoor and tactical enthusiasts who need pants that will last and hold up over time. You’ll ultimately be saving money in the long run, because you won’t need to replace these pants very frequently.

Cordell Combat Pants: The Ultimate Blend of Comfort and Durability

The Cordell Combat Pants in M81 Woodland offer a comfortable and functional solution for outdoor and tactical activities. With their enhanced comfort, durability, and reasonable price point, they are a great choice for those who seek both quality and performance from their outdoor apparel. If you're looking for a pair of pants that can handle anything the great outdoors throws at you, these tactical pants are definitely worth considering.

Todd Askins