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It takes a different kind of courage to battle Psychological Trauma.  No one is ever alone in this time of need & not all wounds are visible.  We would like to share a community based resource that specializes in getting our soldiers healthy & adjusted back into civilian life.

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 Dr. Carrie Elk explains her amazing work and efforts- Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Elk Institute for Psychological Health & Performance, we rely solely on donations and sponsors like you to continue offering PTSD education and treatment to veterans and service members around the country at no cost to them. We are a civilian owned, independent, non VA, non DOD, not for profit that provides training on what PTS/PTSD is, how you get it, and how we can correct it efficiently, effectively with optional disclosure of traumatic content.  Because we are an independent civilian organization, we do not have reporting requirements outside of reporting active suicidal/homicidal intent, child/elder neglect/abuse to the local civilian authorities to ensure safety.

We are based in Tampa, Florida but travel to educate and treat groups of service members/veterans around the country when there are a handful within a geographic area. Approximately 97% of our donations in 2015 went to the direct treatment and training of veterans/service members.  We are in DESPERATE NEED of sponsors and donors at this time. (If we were to take DOD or VA grant funding we become a duty to warn entity and therefore destroy one of the most valuable aspects of our Institute to the active duty service members).

Please visit the ElkInstitute.org to educate yourself & donate to support the alternate drug-free healing process for our heroes.


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Jesse Curtis